Tourist Spots in Tagbilaran - Philippines

The Blood Compact Site

Popularly known as Sandugo, The Blood Compact Site is one of the finest and most visited tourist destinations in Tagbilaran City, Bohol. This tourist destination is very famous because it is the place where the famous blood compact between Spanish leader Miguel Lopez de Legazpi and chieftain Datu Sikatuna happened, on the 16th day of March year 1565. Unlike other tourist spots in the city where people can find attractive monuments or infrastructures, this place only feature simple monument portraying the blood compact, however, it is the historic value of the spot, which makes it attractive to tourists.

Baclayon Church

Another historical tourist destination in Tagbilaran City that tourists can visit is Baclayon Church. Situated in the Municipality of Baclayon, this place features artifacts like church hymnals, religious relics from the 16th century, as well as garments of early clergymen who served in the church. Other attraction in this tourist spot is a big bell that servants in the church attained in 1835. The antique architecture and materials used in the establishment of Baclayon Church show that it is truly one of the earliest worship places in the Philippines.

Bohol Museum

Found at the corners of Hontanosas and F. Rocha streets, Bohol Museum takes the third spot in the top 5 tourist spots in Tagbilaran Philippines. Even if the museum looks old, many tourists still visit this place for it features interesting artifacts about the province of Bohol. In addition, this museum also presents a historical value because former Philippine President Carlos P. Garcia used to reside in this historic site.

Mesias Cave

Aside from historic sites in the city, there are also natural tourist destinations that travelers can visit in Tagbilaran. One of these destinations is Mesias Cave where people can find beautiful rock formations. Additionally, tourists can also find the place interesting since it plays home to numerous white colored spiders, as well as blind fishes. According to some local residents in the cave, Mesias Cave has underwater tunnels that are connected to the other caves in Bohol such as Lahos-Lahos Cave, as well as Hinagdanon Cave.

Kaingit Beach

For those who want to be relaxed and refreshed, they can have fun and enjoy the clear waters of Kaingit Beach. This beach is not only popular to tourists, but also to local people who want to have quality time with their families and loved ones. To continue to attract tourists in the place, the city government allotted a budget for the improvement of Kaingit Beach. Another attraction of the beach to travelers is that they can enjoy in the place even if the weather is loomy since Kaingit Beach is located in a cove that secures it from storms.