Philippines Hospitals

Health and medical concerns in the Philippines are among top priorities of the Department of Health. The health department works in close partnership with other government agencies, non-government organizations, clinics, and hospitals. Philippine hospitals, both private and government, are among premier medical facilities in Asia that provide excellent health and medical care.

Medical Staff

Major Philippine hospitals are generally manned by competent manpower for providing top quality service in the different aspects of medical and health services. These are competent physicians, specialists, nurses, aides, technicians and office staff well trained in their respective fields of work. The country has sufficient numbers of world-class universities and medical colleges that supply the necessary professional manpower annually to operate Philippine hospitals and cope up with the rising medical and hospitalization demands.

High standard licensure examinations held annually for medical and dental graduates screen the new stream of professionals who will man the wards, stations, and clinics in Philippine hospitals. There are also many medical specialists practicing in the country who gained rich experiences and trainings from prestigious medical institutions in the world. The health department, together with the national licensure board, the Philippine Regulatory Commission, encourage medical conferences that update practitioners with the latest medical and dental developments internationally.


Not only are medical manpower in the country updated and honed to suit international standards, most medical centers and hospitals in the country also undergo regular innovations and improvements. State-of-the-art medical and building facilities are found in many modern Philippine hospitals to aid in the immediate diagnosis and treatment of ailments. In fact, several foreigners from Southeast Asian countries prefer treatment in Philippine hospitals when affordability and expertise is sought after.

St. Lukes Medical Center

Among ultra modern Philippine hospitals and popular internationally is St. Luke’s Medical Center along E. Rodriguez, Jr. Avenue in Quezon City, Metro Manila. Since 1995 it has been equipped with a research and biotechnological division where modern top-of-the-line equipments and digital machines are available for top-quality biomedical researches done by a pool of medical specialists from different medical disciplines. This medical center claims to be better in facilities than 95 percent of US hospitals.

The Medical City

This posh and contemporary high-rise medical facility in Pasig City, Metro Manila affords modern hotel-like room accommodations with very comfortable and classy room amenities. The medical and health services provided are among the best in the country manned by medical experts and specialists among the top in their respective fields. Many prominent political and TV personalities prefer to have their executive check ups here, as well as hospital confinements. This hospital is among Philippine hospitals equipped with some of the latest diagnostic and treatment facilities.

Philippine Heart Center for Asia

The foremost medical facility on cardio-related matters, the Philippine Heart Center for Asia, along East Avenue in Quezon City, was among projects of the former First Lady Imelda Romualdez Marcos in the 1970s aimed at providing one of the most modern heart facilities in Asia. Also among high-rise and modern Philippine hospitals, Heart Center also accepts non-heart related medical cases. However, it is a more popular medical institution where health cases related to heart problems are diagnosed and treated.

The National Kidney and Research Institute

Not far from the Philippine Heart Center for Asia is the National Kidney and Research Institute. It is considered among Philippine hospitals authoritative on kidney and other related cases. It is a competent research, diagnostic, and treatment medical institution equipped with the latest equipments and machines especially for dialysis and kidney ultrasound. The hospital admits other medical cases.

The above are just among the medical centers and Philippine hospitals that employ high medical, surgical, and research technologies to serve the whole populace and maintain medical efficiency in the country.