Top 10 Beaches in the Philippines

The Philippines has become synonymous with beautiful white sand beaches and cool pristine waters. There are plenty of them in the country, but only a select few can be truly called the best of the best.

Honda Bay (Palawan)

For those who are looking for more than a stroll on the sand, Honda Bay is a good choice.

Apart from the fine and soft sands, Honda Bay is also relatively quiet as compared with other more popular resorts. In addition, the tourist can also enjoy some snorkeling and diving. There are several small islets, such as Bat Island, Canon Island and Arceffi Island that you can explore. In addition, a little excursion into the beautiful waters will reveal gorgeous corals and colorful fishes.

Bantayan Island (Cebu)

If you drive some 9 miles (15 km) up to the north end of Cebu, you’ll be gazing across Bantayan Island, home of secluded and breathtaking beaches.

While strolling along the coast of the entire island is a delight, local and foreign guests are most enthralled by the stunningly white sands on the southwest section. The waters are also some of the purest and clearest you will see anywhere.

Siargao Island

Some 480 miles (800 km) south of the nation’s capital, Siargao Island, is one of the best kept secret beaches in the Philippines. For those who have been there, they have called it nothing less than the best place to surf in the continent.

Siargao Island presents interesting contrasts; its huge and powerful waves, brought about by being near the Philippine Deep, are a surfer’s dream. If you visit the island you will no doubt see some of the world ‘s best surfers riding the breathtaking waves. However, there are also more serene coasts, and there are also places where you can just take a leisurely walk and enjoy some peace and quiet.

Malapascua Island Beach (Cebu)

Although not as well known, the Malapascua Beach is rapidly becoming the choice for tourists seeking a fresh alternative from the usual destinations.

Located at the farthest end of the island province (off the northeast coast), the island offers plenty of attractions, leading many to consider as the next big thing for divers and beach lovers to explore. With its exquisite sands, soothing greens, and brilliant azure waters, you will feel truly at peace, and at one with nature.

Tamaraw Beach (Puerto Galera, Mindoro)

There are several beaches that you can explore in Puerto Galera, but Tamaraw Beach is definitely one you should not miss.

Not only are there plenty of luxury resorts nearby, making your stay as comfortable as possible, but the secluded nature of the beach makes it even more attractive. There are plenty of lush vegetation and greens around, and not too far away are some gorgeous falls, too.

Puraran Beach (Catanduanes)

For surfers and adventurers, Puraran Beach, just off Luzon, will be just right for you.

The island beach is actually in the Pacific Ocean, and this location provides for some fantastic waves, walls of water that can present a challenge even to the most skilled surfer.

Pagudpud Beach (Ilocos Norte)

The most famous beach destination in the Ilocos, Pagupud is quickly becoming one of the Philippines’ top beaches, as more and more people are discovering the treasures of the land.

Its crystal clear waters are comparable with those of the other shores in the country. It is also not lacking exotic marine life which underwater divers can marvel at. Add the smooth fine sands, and you have the complete ingredients for a perfect beach.

Boracay White Beach (Boracay Island)

Despite the emergence of a number of other popular tourist destinations, for many people the ultimate party place is still Boracacy, and the best beach is still Boracay White Sand Beach.

Measuring about 3 miles (about 5 km.) the beach is noted for the cool breeze emanating from the waters, and the soft clear blue skies. Because there are plenty of accommodations nearby, Boracay White Beach, especially in the summer, is filled with people, frolicking in the waters.

Although most people go there in the daylight to get some of the sun, it is also a good idea to visit the place at night time.

Not only are there likely to be less people, but the combination of the softly blowing wind, the tranquil sea and the soft white sand beneath, plus the sight of the stars above, can make for a truly unique and exhilirating experience.

Mactan Island (Cebu)

The Queen City of the South has several that you can explore, but a growing majority simply find the allure of Mactan Island Beach irresistible.

MActan Island is more than just a beach; it is an island paradise; the seashore is a sight to behold in the early morning light, but it will also bedazzle you in the nighttime. Whether you are on your own, or with your friends, the sparkling waters and sand will simply amaze you.

Panglao Beach (Bohol)

The next time that you are in Bohol, make sure to drop by this beautiful island. What it lacks in size it more than makes up for in sheer beauty.

Panglao Beach not only provides you with a lovely view of the calm seas, but a stroll along the seashore will enable you to take in the beauty of the entire island itself, from the sea, to the skies, right down to the whispering winds.