Tourist Spots in Palawan - Philippines

Palawan is one of the richest islands in the Philippines. With natural scenery and historic culture, here are the Top 5 Tourist Spots in Palawan Philippines, you should consider:

Subterranean River

In Bahile, Puerto Princesa lays the world heritage site called Subterranean River. With a length of 8.2 kilometers, this natural wonder amazed millions of tourists because of its passable underground river. In fact, Subterranean River stands to be the worlds longest underground river along with a fascinating cave winding throughout its length and empties in South China Sea. Where the river flows, there is a deep cave lined with marble cliffs and rugged limestone ready to excite your sights. In its recesses deeply hallowed into the winding tunnel, tourists can enjoy the sights through a paddleboat exploring rock formations, amphitheaters, and stalactite pillars.

From Puerto Princesa, you can take a bus or jeepney to Sabang and take the pump boat directly to the river. You can also try hiking instead of pump boat via the monkey trail. Another way to reach the Subterranean River is a pump boat ride from the wharf of Bahile. Travel time for jeepneys would take 1.5 hours while the pump boat ride takes only ten to twelve minutes or hiking of 1.5 hours.

Honda Bay

Comprising Honda Bay are islets of shallow reefs surrounding white sand beaches that are best for snorkeling, diving, and swimming. Some of the islets known in Honda Bay are Bat Island, Meara Marina, Starfish Island, Cowrie Island, Snake Island, Pandan Island, Lu-Li Island, and Senorita Island. Among these islets, the most significant ones are the Lu-Li Island (only visible when its low tide), Senorita Island (breeding area for lapu-lapu), and overnight stays in Starfish and Meara Marina islands.

The location of Honda Bay is in Sta. Lourdes of Puerto Princesa City. From the capital of Palawan or approximately 12 kilometers east of the city is the wharf of Sta. Lourdes. This is where tourists can ride the pump boats and pick the islands they want to visit. An entrance fee may be required by some islands because of private ownership.

Nasin-aw Beaches

For those who prefer having fun at the seashores, you can enjoy white sands in Nasin-aw without leaving Puerto Princesa. Some picnic tables are available but accommodations are not possible because there are no facilities. Only by tricycle for five to seven minutes travel time, you can already enjoy the silica beach of Nasin-aw.

Palawan National Museum

Inside the museum is the culture, history, music, and crafts of the Palawan. Also, there are available exhibits of collections varying from ethnological, geological, and archeological artifacts such as porcelain, jars, and some of the artifacts used by the Tabon Man. These artifacts comprise of tools for hunting and trapping plus their brass wares and musical instruments. In addition, Palawan National Museum also offers books of archeology, entomology, anthropology, history, and literature of the Philippines.

Community of Batac Tribe

Bataks are one of the provinces indigenous tribes that live in the northern river valleys of Palawan. Their population now only amounts to less than 500, wherein they are termed as disappearing people. In northern Palawan, there is Cleopatras needle where the Batak Settlement sites are located. This is 1,593 feet high and a sharp, peaked mountain. In addition, some of the Bataks are also found in Roxas, Sitio Riandcan, Tanabag Concepcion, and Langoan.