Tourist Spots in Butuan - Philippines

The Butuan Regional Museum

Considered as one of the most inviting and impressive tourist sites in Butuan City, Butuan Regional Museum features artifacts that are important to the culture and history of the place. To organize the collections in this tourist destination, the museum is divided into two parts, which are named as Ethnological Hall and Archaeological Hall. Ethnological Hall features artifacts that are significant to the culture of present generations of residents in the city. On the other hand, Archaeological Hall features artifacts that are important to the way of life of ancient people in Butuan.

The Diocesan Ecclesiastical Museum

Besides Butuan Regional Museum, Diocesan Ecclesiastical Museum plays home to collections of relics that portrayed the culture of early residents of the city. Inside the premises of the place, people can find religious artifacts such as cups, goblets, as well as apparels used by former religious leaders in Butuan. Even if this place is not as beautiful and impressive as other tourist destinations in the place, many devotees regularly visit the museum.

Santo Nino Diocesan Shrine

An inviting place to visit in Butuan City, Santo Nino Diocesan Shrine takes a spotin the top 5 tourist spots in Butuan Philippines. According to local residents, Magellan first brought Santo Nino in Butuan City, which inspired early people in the city to create this shrine. Aside from the historic and religious value of the shrine, many devotees and tourists visit this spot for it also plays home to other valuable religious relics and artifacts.

Mount Mayapay

In terms of natural attractions, Butuan City takes pride in the famous, majestic, and beautiful Mount Mayapay. Located near Santo Nino Diocesan Shrine, Mount Mayapay is usually visited by adventurers, as well as hikers in Butuan. According to local residents, the mountain has a rich history and culture. One evidence that this mountain is important to the culture of people in the city, is its name, which is believed to be patterned after the name of the early empire, Madjapahit. Moreover, Mount Mayapay is accessible to Agusan Valley, another tourist destination in the place, which makes it more luring to travelers.

Butuan Boats

Finally, Butuan Boats is another tourist destination in Butuan City that attracts travelers and tourists. Also known as Balangays, Butuan Boats are considered as early sea vessels in the Philippines. Nine of the boats recovered by archaeologists were dated back 4th century A. D. Aside from the utility of these vessels in the early times, many tourists in the city like to see the boats for they have unique features, as well as distinct styles. Hence, every traveler in the place is encouraged to see the vessels for they cannot find similar boats in the other regions of the country.