Things to do in Tagbilaran - Philippines

To make the most out of a tour of Tagbilaran City, Bohol, its advisable to also go around towns near the city. Here are top 5 things to do in Tagbilaran-Philippines.

Visit Historical Sites

At the mention of Tagbilaran, Bohol most people think of the Blood Compact and other important events in history. Thus, Tagbilaran is among cities in the country where people travel for reminiscing past events in history. Thus, visiting historical sites should make it as the first in the top 5 things to do in Tagbilaran-Philippines. The Blood Compact site is in the town of Bool, the Anibogan Massacre Site is in Catigbian, Camp Verde in Duero, Dagohoy Market in Danao, Mt. Carmel Hill in Balilihan, and the Ermita Ruins in Dimiao. There are at least 10 historical sites to see in Tagbilaran City.

Get a Taste of Boholano Culture

Bohol native culture is enshrined in 3 main places in Tagbilaran City. So, in the top 5 things to do in Tagbilaran-Philippines is examine the uniqueness of the Boholano culture. The Baclayon Museum in the town of Baclayon is housed in an interesting old convent of the historical Baclayon church with a fascinating collection of artifacts, priestly garments, old church librettos in Latin written on animal skin, and other relics of the 16th century. The Bohol Museum in Tagbilaran City showcases valuable things left by the late President Carlos P. Garcia. And Clarin Ancestral Homes in Loay features Bohol antique jars, kitchen utensils, lamps, and furnishings.

Enjoy the Beach

Being an island, Bohol has a lot of beautiful beaches. So, in the top 5 things to do in Tagbilaran-Philippines is go to the beach. Nearby beaches are Anda Beach in the town of Anda, Alona Beach in nearby Panglao Island, Alejawan Beach in Jagna, Balbalan Beach in Dimiao, and Bay Watch in Panganang Island, among others. Bohol has more than 15 beaches near Tagbilaran City.

Mountaineering and Spelunking

Bohol has a rugged terrain of mountains, hills, and forests, amny of which are near Tagbilaran City. Try hiking and seeing the world-famous Chocolate Hills in Carmen, Banat-I-Hill right in Tagbilaran City, Himontagon Hill in nearby Loay, and Sampoangon Hill in Calape. Then try exploring the famous Hinagdanan Cave in Daius, Eva Cave in Odiong, Kokok and Nueva Vida Sur Caves in Carmen near the Chocolate Hills, Batungay Cave in Trinidad. Due to the marvelous sights to see while doing these activities, they are ranked fourth in the top 5 things to do in Tagbilaran-Philippines.

Join the Festivals

Theres never a moment of boredom or dullness in Tagbilaran city when the festivals begin. And they happen the whole year round. Watch out for the Tagbilaran City Fiesta on May first, which is also Labor Day; the Sandugo Festival in July; the Bohol Fiestas in May, when each day of May celebrates a particular town revelry in Tagbilaran and the whole of Bohol; and the Ube festival in January.