Things to do in Puerto Galera - Philippines

There are a lot of reasons why the tourist attractions in Puerto Galera are considered among the best in the Philippines and the world, not the least of which is the diversity. Here are the top five things you will want to try out when you visit.

Party at Sabang Beach

The beach here is beautiful on its own, and the views are just as stunning, but the reason why most of the people go here is for the party atmosphere. There are clubs, bars and resorts galore here. The nightlife here is truly alive and full of zest, and it is the perfect place for someone to relax and unwind. If you are looking for nothing but a good time, Sabang is where you will want to go.

Things to do in Puerto Galeriving

The number of dive sites here are astonishing, and they are all of superior quality, leaving little wonder that these sites have become tourist attractions in Puerto Galera and also one of the favored activities of the residents and tourists. Among the most popular are Shark Cave, the Canyons, the Hole in the Wall, Odies Wall, the Sabang Wrecks and the Coral Gardens. These places are photographers havens, and are filled with some of the most beautiful coral reefs and fishes in the country.

Boating or Kayaking

There are a lot of things to see here, and one of the best ways to do it would be to go boating or kayaking. From Boquete Island (a tourist attraction in Puerto Galera itself) to any of the fine beaches around the island, one will see stunning limestone cliffs, exotic shades of greenery, lovely islands, and of course, the beautiful skies.

Visit the Excavation Museum

The sights here are best appreciated when one has some knowledge of the city and the past. The Excavation Museum, as its name suggests, is where most of the discoveries, from ancient artifacts to important documents, are stored. There are also plenty of pictures here as well as other interesting facts about the province.

Journey to the Baluarte Tower

Located in Lumang Bayan in Naujan, the Baluarte Watchtower is a tourist attraction in Puerto Galera emanating from the Spanish times, who built it to stand guard over the city and alert them of any threats from pirates and other enemy forces. The trek to the top of the hill where the tower still stands allows you to savor the view and of course, the tower itself is still imposing.

The sights on the island province are so varied that, as you can see there is something there for everyone. Whether you want to let your down or learn something about the city and its past, there is no shortage of options and thus keeps people returning to these tourist attractions in Puerto Galera.