Things to do in Bohol - Philippines

Bohol is another fantastic place in Visayas to visit and experience cultural and natural activities with your family. The whole island has an oval shape. The island is famous for the hills shape like chocolates and the small primate known as the Tarsier.

Chocolate Hills can be found in the town of Carmen which is fifty five kilometers away from the capital. There are several other things to see in Bohol like old churches in Baroque style and different beaches that are truly world class. Visitors in Bohol can certainly have a good time by doing the following activities with your friends or family:

Seeing The Tarsier

The Tarsier is considered to be the smallest primate known to man. Many people consider this animal as so charming and special. It is indigent to Bohol and typically measures four inches. The tails is commonly longer than the body. Most of them can be found in the Corella hills.

Diving in Balicasag

This place is a haven of perfect beauty. The whole coast of Balicasag island is lined with nice coves and white beaches. There are definitely some great diving spots in Balicasay. The coral formations in this island vary from each other. One of the best attractions in Balicasag is the black coral formations. Another spot is called Cabilao where seeing a hammerhead shark is something you might see. Huge pelagics is a common sight. You might get lucky and see yourself being with some dolphins. From Panglao the island can be reached in thirty five minutes by boat. The residents of the island have grown increased awareness about preserving marine life so much that today there are several diving resorts for everyone to enjoy.

Visiting cultural places like the following:

a. Baclayon Church This is the oldest church in the country. This church is entirely made of stones. This church is a huge structure retaining the original style. Even the internal part of Baclayon holds some interesting artifacts which dates back to the sixteenth century. Some of them have been kept in the museum.

b. Bohol Museum This was the former residence of the late president Carlos P. Garcia. The fourth Philippine president. He was a great statesman representing Bohol. Inside the museum guests can see and feel the important treasures of Bohol. The museum also gives each guest an educational experience altogether. Guests can see some of the heirloom of the Garcia clan and some of the majestic shells that have been found in Bohol.

Cruising on the Loboc River

This is an idyllic place to have a peaceful ride on the boat which usually starts in Loay Bridge which is connected to Loboc river. Guests can enjoy the boat ride while eating Boholano delicacies and food. They can also bath in the falls in Tontonan which is the destination of the ride.

The May fiesta in Tagbilaran

Tagbilaran is an exciing city. The celebration of the fiest runs for nine days. Each day before the fiesta there are many activities held like having a musical show, beauty pageants and different kinds of plays for everyone.