Restaurants in Laoag - Philippines

La Preciosa Fine Dining and Catering Services

One of the most popular fine dining restaurants in the province of Ilocos Norte, La Preciosa Fine Dining and Catering Services takes a spot in the top 5 restaurants in Laoag Philippines. For those who are new in this place, they should allot 400 pesos to 700 pesos to have a satisfying and great meal at the restaurant. Some of the must-try dishes at La Preciosa Fine Dining restaurant that everyone should order are Poqui-Poqui, Pinakbet, and Crispy Chicken. Hence, with the attractive and relaxing interior design and ambiance of the place, tourists and locale people can surely dining in this famous restaurant.

Maxs Restaurant

Another first-rate restaurant that people can find at General Segundo Avenue is Maxs Restaurant. Known for its expertise in serving delectable fried chicken, this dining place also offers other delicious meals such as Sinigang na Hipon, Kare-Kare, and Crispy Pata. Individuals who crave for tasty Filipino dishes should visit this restaurant because for as low as 500 pesos, they can already have a sumptuous and satisfying Filipino fine-dining experience at Maxs Restaurant Laoag.

Sansus Chinese Foods

Another restaurant in the top 5 restaurants in Laoag Philippines, Sansus Chinese Foods is renowned for its delicious authentic Chinese dishes. When visiting this dining place, people should allot at least 300 pesos as their budget to have a great meal. Three of the in-house specialties that everyone must try are Crab Meat, Pansit Canton, and Chopsuey. Meanwhile, for small groups who do not have big budget allotted for dining, they can avail any of Sansus Chinese set menu for only 2,200 pesos, which include appetizers, main dishes, deserts, and beverages.

Saramsam Café

Known for its excellence in serving Filipino dishes, Saramsam Café is situated in one of the busy streets of Barangay 7-A in Laoag City. Some of the unique but tasty dishes available in this restaurant are Pinoy Puttanesca, Pasta Saramsam, and Higado. Meanwhile, for people who crave for native dishes, they can always order any of these dishes; Dinakdakan, Pinakbet, and Bagnet. For the price range of 200 pesos to 500 pesos, everyone can have a wonderful, enjoyable, and memorable dining experience in this place.


To accommodate tourists and locale people who have interest in visiting some of the famous fast food restaurants in Laoag City, they can always dine at Greenwich. Popular for the tasty Italian meals that it serves, Greenwich makes sure that the prices of all the dishes that it offers are affordable. By allotting 100 pesos to 200 pesos, everyone can already enjoy a satisfying Italian dish at the restaurant such as Hawaiian Pizza, Baked Macaroni, and Lasagna. Additionally, this fast food chain also offers rice meals, which include delectable viands like Fried Chicken.