Restaurants in Davao - Philippines

Jack's Ridge

Jack's Ridge Davao is among the most popular restaurants in the city of Davao. It is located way up high overlooking the entire city and the Davao Gulf. It is situated at Shrine Hills Matina District, approximately 20 minutes away from downtown by car. During day time, the ambiance of the place is warm and quiet that you have all the chance to relax and enjoy, plus you get to see the real beauty of nature when the sun is up. During night time, the restaurant is filled with good music and lively ambiance. Jack's ridge offer mostly local delicacies that fits any budget. They offer Filipino dishes such as sinigang, Barbeque and pinakbet. They also offer other cuisines such as western and Chinese. Jack's Ridge is a place where you can bring your entire family for a fin dining experience that is close to the nature.

Mandarin Tea Garden

Mandarin Tea Garden is among the abundant Chinese restaurants in the city of Davao. It is known for its affordable Chinese cuisines and very well cooked meals. The restaurant ventures on mostly on both Filipino and Chinese dishes but giving more emphasis on Chinese. Madarin's bestsellers are the different kinds of rice toppings ranging from chicken, pork or beef. They are also known for their delicious egg rolls, siomai and soups. Most outlets of Mandarin are among the Wi-Fi hot spots of Mindanao making the restaurant a good place for luncheon meetings and business transactions.

Penong's Barbeque Restaurant

Penong's is one the most popular restaurants in the vicinity of Davao. It is known for its delicious chicken inasal and pork barbeque meal combos with unlimited rice. They offer the best chicken and barbeque in town for a very low price. The specialty of the restaurant is the chicken inato meal composed of atsara, unlimited rice, soup and chicken barbeque for a cost of P55 only. Aside from barbeque, Penong's also offer grilled seafood, pancit, pinakbet and a lot more Filipino dishes. Penong's Barbeque has many outlets so wherever you are in Davao, there sure is a branch of this restaurant out there waiting for you.

Japanese Tunnel Restaurant

At first, it may seem that Japanese Tunnel is quite difficult to locate, but when you start hitting the road and travel your way on the hilly side of the city, you'll realize it's just as close as your favorite restaurant downtown. Japanese Tunnel is historical location that was later developed into a tourist spot. This place is not a tunnel, it is actually a restaurant situated above a Tunnel that used to be the hideout of Japanese Soldiers during the era of World War II. The restaurant offers both Filipino and Japanese dishes for a very cheap and affordable prices. After you finish your sumptuous meal, you can visit the tunnel that is open to the public which cost p50 for the adults.

Davao Dencias

Davao Dencia's Restaurant is one of the oldest restaurants here in Davao that caters mostly Chinese food. The facade of the restaurant may look like an ordinary restaurant, but wit till you see what's inside. Dencia's bestsellers are Tokwa't Babaoy, Pancit Canton, Fresh or Fried Lumpia, and Chopseuy. Dencia's offers a very affordable price that is perfect for a family dining.