Reasons to Visit Tagbilaran - Philippines

Tagbilaran is the capital city of the island of Bohol situated in the central Visayas. Tagbilaran is probably also one of the most visited cities in the entire province as well as Visayan region because there is so much to do and so much to see in Bohol. Many people do not see how and why Tagbilaran city is so special and that is why we have formed a list giving you the top 5 reasons to visit Tagbilaran Philippines.

Sand, Beach and Water

Tagbilaran city is literally surrounded by miles of white sand beaches that promise fun, water activities and naturally a lot of tanning. There are even islands where people go to just to visit the beach such as Panglao Island, Balicasag Island or Cabilao Island and that is why the beaches of Tagbilaran made it into the top 5 reasons to visit Tagbilaran Philippines.

Historical and Cultural Sites

The city of Tagbilaran is one of the historical and cultural melting pots in the Visayan region besides Cebu Island and the collection of historical and cultural artifacts makes Tagbilaran one of the top 5 reasons to visit Tagbilaran Philippines. For example can you find the Bohol Museum in Tagbilaran that displays everything about Bohol, what it used to looks like, how it looks like now and the future plans of the government for Bohol and Tagbilaran City. You will also be able to visit many historical landmarks where treaties and pacts have been made throughout Philippine history.

Philippines Dive Sites

Another reason in the top 5 reasons to visit Tagbilaran Philippines is that is neighbors and is home to Philippines four and five star dive sites. Experience great dives in Balicasag Island where you will be able to see shoals of jacks, barracudas and tunas, or you might want to take it slow in Cabilao and drift dive with hammerhead sharks. Another great dive can be found in Panglao Island where you can find a lot of sea snakes, lionfish and critters.

Nature at its Best

Bohol and Tagbilaran City are one great example of urbanization with limitation, because despite their high urban status, they have managed to keep the nature alive and protected. It is here where you will find waterfall after waterfall, river after river and mountain after mountain which is why it is on the top 5 reasons to visit Tagbilaran Philippines. Tagbilaran even has rice terraces which are modest compared to the ones in Banaue, but they still are a breathtaking view.

Island of Uniqueness

Bohol and Tagbilaran City are definitely places that are home to the worlds unique natural phenomenon. One of these famous phenomena are the Chocolate Hills. The thousand plus hills are covered in brown grass that make them look like chocolate and every hill has the same perfect cone shape. The Chocolate Hills are definitely a must see, but there is another unique site that you have to go to, to further grasp why this is the most important of the top 5 reasons to visit Tagbilaran Philippines. The Philippine Tarsier Foundation in Bohol is another reason to visit because it holds the unique species of the Philippine Tarsier, which you can pet in the natural habitat.

We hope that the top 5 reasons to visit Tagbilaran Philippines were motivating enough for you to book a ticket to Bohol and check into the nearest hotel so that you can start experiencing and exploring Tagbilaran City up close.