Reasons to Visit Tacloban - Philippines

Tacloban has a lot of wonders to offers its local visitors and international tourists. The place is rich in history that is worth knowing and learning. Despite the struggle of the people during Japanese times still they managed to preserve the classic beauty of the place.

If you want to spend your trip during summer better visit Tacloban during the months of May to June. On the other hand, if you want to enjoy the cool climate of the place schedule your trip from December to January.Consider the top 5 reasons to visit Tacloban, Philippines.

Pintados- Kasadyahan Festival

Celebrate with the festive mood in Tacloban beginning from May until June. The entire month is filled with different fun and exciting activities good for everyone. Come and see the different parades, float rides, street parties, and ritual dances. The festival reminisce the different events during the pre-Spanish times, how the people refute the colonization, and the struggles the people suffer in the hands of the Spaniards. The Pintados-Kasadyahan festival also pays tributes to its people who are the best handcraft makers in the city.

Tacloban City's Important Landmarks

Tacloban has several cultural sights and historical landmarks worth exploring. If you wanted to have an educational trip for your school, Tacloban City is a very good pick. The place is worth visiting because of the outstanding sights wherein some still holds the relics of ancient times. These historical and important landmarks in Tacloban City include Palo Metropolitan Cathedral, MacArthur Landing Memorial, San Juanico Bridge, Santo Nino Shrine Museum, and the Boy Scout Museum.

If we go back to history, Tacloban was once a major US troop base during the Japanese War. Tacloban became the capital of Philippines during those times and recently it was given to Manila.

Several trips made to Tacloban were mostly education and for historical purposes possibly because of the mentioned sights and landmarks

Tacloban Sightseeing

Although Tacloban city is very populous, it does not limit their determination to rise up as one of the outstanding tourist destination. The wide land area of the place will provide everyone a totally unique and breathtaking experience.

Some of the most sought after places around Tacloban include Hill 120, The Peoples Center and Library, the Redona Residence, CAP Building and the City Hall.

Food Treats

Tacloban offers the people several dining options whether they like to try the local cuisines or the exceptional foods offered by many restaurants in the place. Ayo Café is one of the most popular eating spots in Tacloban. They serve nutritious meals like pasta, salads, and sandwiches with different flavors that you will surely enjoy. The place is very convenient for vegetarians who wanted to choose the food they wanted to eat. The San Pedro Bay Seafood Restaurant is another food service provider if people wanted to dine in the cozy setting along the tropical ocean. The restaurant serves different cuisines may it be Canadian, American, or proud Filipino cuisine.

Tacloban City Lodgings

Hotels and resort in Tacloban are very accommodating to all people who get to visit the place. They offer cheap rates up to the luxurious ones depending on the set up you wanted. Lots of suite rooms, single or double, can be found in the different resorts and hotels. Highly recommended accommodations in the place are offered by Ron and Fire's Place in Kristina Heights, Hotel D' Angelo, Mondejar Beach House, and Manhattan Inn.