Reasons to Visit Ormoc - Philippines

Although it has a lot more, Ormoc has 5 main things to lure tourists with to keep them coming back for more. So, here are the top 5 reasons to visit Ormoc-Philippines.

Ormoc Pineapple

Due to Ormocs rugged topography---having its of rolling hills ideal for sweet and quality pineapples to grown on---visitors and tourists have come to know the city as a source of super sweet pineapples unequalled elsewhere. Called Queen Pineapple, some people think it should be among the top 5 reasons to visit Ormoc-Philippines, or why people find Ormoc City irresistible of all the beautiful cities in the country. Some say further that Ormoc today is the city that Queen Pineapples have built. Presently, there are 210 hectares in Hibunawon, Ormoc dedicated to Queen pineapples and is filling the city with pineapple succulent sweetness and luring tourists from all over with it.

Ormoc Food

Heres another reason, among top 5 reasons, to visit Ormoc-Philippines---Ormoc food. Starting with special sweet delicacies, there are the native cassava cakes(cakes from camote roots), Ube de Leche (ube tuber with milk), native suman wrapped in coconut leaves, Tibo-Tibok (rice cake), and Pichi-Pichi (another tasty treat made from camote roots). Then there are the special Ormoc ginataan cuisines, or food cooked in coconut milk, like vegetables and seafood. Being a coastal city, Ormoc offers the best varieties of fresh seafood specials.

Visit Ormocs Centennial Park

Right at the heart of the city is Ormocs Centennial Park. The park is not only good for leisurely walks with the family but has also been luring tourists with the cool sea breeze that often comes in from the Camotes Sea, plus the golden sunsets each afternoon. It is also an ideal place for family picnics on its well maintained verdant trimmed grass.

The Golf and Country Club

Its a golf course covering about 80 hectares of gently rolling grounds considered to be among premier golf sites in the country. Golf course features include man-made plateaus, palm clusters, fruit bearing trees, colorful and flowery shrubbery, and verdant fairways and overall relaxing outdoor ambience. Its just 7 kilometers away from Ormoc city proper. Tourists frequently spend their golf rounds here not just for the sport but also for the clean air that Ormoc has in abundance.

Cativating Lake Danao

Last but not least, so many people are lured by the charm of Lake Danao. The lake shape itself is charming---violin-shaped---and the natural quietude that pervades in the area, broken only by sweet humming tunes from unseen wilderness creatures, resembles the music that emanates from violins. This 3 kilometer-long and 2,100 feet-elevation lake is one of the top 5 reasons to visit Ormoc-Philippines any time of the year for its mystery, tranquility, and beauty. The lake is made even more alluring with the setup of a floating restaurant in the area. So, with the cravings of both the heart and the appetite, Lake Danao is a sure solution.