Reasons to Visit Manila - Philippines

Manila is a good place to start a Philippine tour. Aside from being among oldest and modern cities in the country, its also a lot of things to various tourists. Here are top 5 reasons to visit Manila, Philippines:

The Capital City

The first reason is its being the Philippine capital city. Capital cities mirror the overall progress of a country. By just looking at warm and hospitable Manila, tourists get an idea of what to expect on their next tour stop. Being the countrys capital makes Manila relevant in world affairs. A Philippine tour without a visit to Manila may turn out to be incomplete. Furthermore, major government offices pertinent to tourism, like the Tourism Department and Immigration main offices, are in Manila.

Malacanang Palace

Second reason is the seat of political powerthe Malacanang Palace. Any trip to the Philippines, to be worth boasting of and memorable, should include seeing the Malacanang Palace personally. Who knows, one may even chance upon taking pictures with the Philippine president herself. In addition, the Palace has been home to many Philippine presidents from the time Manuel L. Quezon was seated in power in the early 1900s. Experiencing Malacanang is the second most important thing in the top 5 reasons to visit Manila, Philippines.

Bay Walk Area

The third reason is the Bay Walk. The local government of Manila has developed the stretch of historical Roxas Boulevard from the US Embassy to the Coastal Road. Visitors can now have a better panoramic view of Manila Bay and its glorious sunsets. Local and foreign tourists can while time away as they stroll leisurely along, enjoying clean, nice, and safe surroundings. Tourists booked in nearby world-class hotels (along Roxas Boulevard, in Malate, or Ermita) can enjoy the one of the top 5 reasons to visit Manila, Philippines.

Rizal Park and Intramuros

The fourth reason is Rizal or Luneta Park and Intramuros. A vacation in Manila always includes a stroll in Rizal Park and Intramuros; two very historical and scenic spots in Manila. The Park, being the place where the national hero, Jose Rizal, was martyred, and Intramuros, the Walled City reminiscent of the Spanish era in the country, deserve a place in the top 5 reasons to visit Manila, Philippines. Also found in this area are the Japanese and Chinese Gardens, the giant Philippine map, Rizal Martyrdom Scene (or theater), a gargantuan statue of Lapu-Lapu, and busts of famous Philippine Datus, among others.

Ocean Adventure

The latest touring activity craze in Manila should makes on the top 5 reasons to visit Manila, Philippines. Just behind the Quirino Grandstand, also in Rizal Park, is the newest tourism feature called Ocean Adventure. In effect, its an ocean in a huge aquarium around and above people. See different tropical marine life, big and small, gliding past above and around, secured by thick transparent glass walls.

To be sure, there are many reasons for a stop-over in Manila. But the top 5 reasons to visit Manila, Philippines should suffice to convince tourists and visitors.