Reasons to Visit General Santos - Philippines

General Santos City is also known as the Booming Town City of the South. The moniker given to the place drives the public and tourists to visit the matchless beauty and pride of General Santos City.

Through the years, the tourism of the place continues to improve and escalate helping its people to progress. Several establishments were also built to accommodate larger groups of visitors during ordinary and peak season.

The welcoming atmosphere and friendly people of General Santos proves that being in Mindanao Island is not something to be afraid of. General Santos continues to be a peaceful community giving everybody reasons to visit the place. The following are the top 5 reasons to visit General Santos - Philippines:

Stunning Diving Sites

General Santos is surrounded by great bodies of water and several islands which help a lot in the tourism of the place. Admittedly, local and international divers visit the place to test and improve their skills in scuba diving and other marine sports. Unlike ordinary diving sites, General Santos has great depths that will truly challenge expert and beginner divers while giving them equally rewarding scenic views underwater. Some of the diving sites worth exploring are Tinoto Wall, Rocky Beach, Takot Maasim, and Takot Malbang.

Spectacular GenSan Tuna Festival

If youre a festive person, be sure not to miss the annual festival held every August at General Santos, the Gensan Tuna Festival. Celebrate with the whole city as they party for a bountiful year. Have fun with the different parades, parties, pageants, and competitions held in different places. Take pictures and buy souvenirs as a token for visiting the place.

Mesmerizing Natures Wonder

Visit SOCKSARGEN and experience the real enthralling nature trip. General Santos is the gateway in going to the place which is composed of three provinces namely the Sarangani Province, Sultan Kudarat Province, and South Cotabato Province. SOCSKSARGEN is truly a place where spectacular landscapes around the coastlines are beautifully seen. Tourist and travelers could enjoy snorkeling, scuba diving, swimming, and other underwater activities.

Karaja Karst Island is another eco-tourism pride of General Santos. The Island is surrounded by waterfalls and caves which is believed to be produced from the carved karsts formation over millions of years ago.

Exquisite Food Delicacies

Every place has its own food delicacies to show off to every people who visit the area. With General Santos, the tuna is the major food product of the city. Aside from its delicious taste, tuna also offers health benefits. Health experts said that tuna is basically good for the heart. During your stay in General Santos, grab the chance to savor several exquisite food delicacies that will surely satisfy your appetite and health heart.

Exceptional Hotel and Resort Accommodations

General Santos has a wide array of hotels and resorts that will provide tourists and guest with warm and convenient accommodation. Modern amenities and topnotch facilities are offered in these various institutions. Rest and console your tired body in the serene and comforting beds, swimming pools, and wellness spas around the corners of each hotel and resorts.There are different rooms that you could choose depending on your tastes and will absolutely fit your budget.