Places to Relax and Unwind in Tacloban - Philippines

Tacloban is truly a place where Philippine history is bountifully seated. This is a priceless land to spend your holidays and vacations. Tacloban city is one of the rising tourists spots in the Philippines. Before, only local tourists prefer to visit the place but because Tacloban exhibits a worldwide view, international tourist came to travel the place.

Madonna Peace of Shrine

This statue is seated at the valley of tranquility in Tacloban. It was beautifully designed by a popular Japanese sculptor. The statue was made of an exceptional miyagi stone that could be rarely found. Spend your peaceful days at Tacloban and take to visit the Shrine.

MacArthur Park Beach Resort

If youre looking for one of the ultimate service providers in Tacloban, you could rely with MacArthur Park Beach Resort. This dual resort and hotel is located at the Waterfront beach. You just need to travel few minutes from Tacloban City proper to reach the place. The place is complete with basic features and topnotch facilities. You could wander around the hotel along with its spacious function halls. Spend some morning or evening treat at the resort and experience the cozy and nice restaurant at Beach Head Café Bar. Have all these in fairly reasonable prices!

The Santo Nino Shrine and Heritage Museum

If you decided to go on a trip, its better to explore the historical landmarks and attractions of the place. Take a relaxing walk into the priceless and artistic collections of this museum. Several furniture, ivory, and porcelain are seen on the spacious hall of the museum.

This museum is one of the largest attractions found both in Tacloban and Leyte, Philippines. The Shrine is one of the many edifices established by Imelda Marcos during the supremacy of his husband Ferdinand Marcos as the Philippines. Several art paintings were displayed in the museums with various themes like religious images, Filipino mythology, and classical artworks by Fernando Amorsolo. There are different rooms, 13 all in all, housing various objects and old relics.

Hill 120

From Tacloban City, you could reach Hill 120 by traveling 120 miles away from the city. Presetly, the attraction spot is known as the Catmon Hill. The place was historically known as the location where the US flag was lifted on October 20, 1944.

People could enjoy trekking while learning the historical battle fights that happen in Leyte Valley several decades before. You could also enjoy sightseeing the beautiful garden that is with different types of flowers.

Asia Stars Hotel

The hotel guarantees its guests the utmost convenience and comfort. People could choose from different suite rooms that they will definitely enjoy. Asia Stars Hotel is one of the topnotch hotels located in the Tacloban. Guests prefer to stay in the place after wandering around the city of Tacloban.