Places to Relax and Unwind in Surigao - Philippines

Sagisi Island

Sagisi Island is known as a tropical paradise island covered with white sand and deep blue water and is surrounded by coconut trees. This island offers the perfect hideaway treat to enjoy the white sand, the blue sea and the amazing heat of the sun, a place you can truly relax and enjoy at the same time. This island is studded with coral reefs and other marine life that contributes to the wonders of the Philippine's diving site. Sagisi Island is one of the best beaches found in the city of Surigao. It is located at the Barangay San Jose

Siargao Island

On the east side of the City of Surigao lies the Siargao Island which is popular for its big waves and beautiful beach and is one of the hotspots here in the Philippines. Most surfers from all over the world comes here every year and test the waves for an amazing surfing treat. Siargao Island owns one of the best surfing waves in the world which is named Cloud Nine. This is a perfect treat for surfing enthusiasts for them to unwind a d relax at the same time.

Pig-ot Hideaway

A heaven placed on earth, this is how most locals would describe the Pig-ot Hideaway. It is a cluster of islets that is connected through a wooden boardwalk. It owns one of the clearest blue waters in the city and it holds natural gifts that are waiting to be unraveled by weary and tired visitors. Visitors will find delight in exploring aquatic species that are hiding and gliding within the corals. As the name would say, this is a perfect hideaway for people who are in the search of a place to relax in the home of mother nature.

Luneta Park

Luneta does not only exist in Manila, here in Surigao, Luneta Park is among the best parks in the city that is visited by hundreds of locals everyday. This is a children themed park that is built especially for family bondings and get together with friends. It is also a place where people go after a days work and wants to take some time to relax before their retire to their homes. It is also a great place to unwind since there is a skating rink for those who are fond of skating and a playground for your children to enjoy. The park is bordered with acacia trees that served as mute witnesses to people who come and visit the place everyday.

Day-Asan Fishing Village

Day-asan is a floating Barangay in the city of Surigao. Locals would say that this place is their very own venice. As you come and visit the place, you will notice that the houses of the residents are built within the shallow waters. Instead of roads, it the barangay has water channels that serves as their highway and people do their business by means of river boats. Here you will enjoy buying goods while riding a banca.