Places to Relax and Unwind in Samar - Philippines

The Marabut Marine Park

In the southern part of Samar, you will witness one of the most beautiful bays in this part of the country. This is where you will see the Marabut Marine Park. Its beautiful crystal clear waters carry you to the wonders of nature that you will never see in any part of the country. This is home to some many reefs, corals and other aquatic life forms. As you visit the park, you'll have the opportunity to check out different kinds of fish and other marine life forms. After which, you can head off for a fine seafood dining. This is a good place for people who wants to relax and enjoy exploring the marine life.

Hamorawon Spring

Going your way to the heart of Borongan in the Province of Samr, you will find this impressive looking stone building. It is believed that this edifice was built way back in the Spanish period. This stone wall is the one holding the great Hamorawon Spring. A natural spring within the province that soothes every weary traveler because of its cool and refreshing waters. Moreover, folks would say that the waters coming from the spring is thought to heal the sick. This spring is fast becoming a hot spot in Samar because of its natural beauty and people visit the place to relax and unwind.

Sohoton National Park

Sohoton Natural Park is locates at Rawis in Barangay Guirang, Basey in the Province of Samar. It covers a land area of approximately 840 land hectares. This park features hug, rockholes, caves, limestone boulders and other rock formations and underground rivers. It is in fact the most prominent park in Samar. Most people come here to take pictures of the amazing geological picturesque. After which, they spend time eating snack within the premises while enjoying the cool breeze that brings a relaxing feeling to everyone visiting the place.

The Calbiga Whitewater River

If your idea of relaxation and unwinding at the same time is all about adventure, then there's no other place to go than Calbiga Whitewater River. This is a good place for people who wants to unwind through white water rafting and kayaking. This is among the top tourist destinations in Samar that provides a wild water experience as you take a break from your busy life. The river measures 18 kilometers. As you journey through the river, you will see some valleys and hills surrounding the water. If you want to relax, you can choose to ride a small banca as you journey to the river and feel the relaxing atmosphere of the surroundings.

Malajog Beach

Malajog beach is a 200 meter long stretch of cold crystal blue waters and gray sand along with towering rocks. It is a small beach in Barangay Malajog that has three cottages. This is a perfect place for you to relax whether you want to be there by yourself and with a few close friends. Since the beach is just a small area, you get to have some privacy, thus giving you a more relaxing and quiet atmosphere.