Places to Relax and Unwind in Iloilo - Philippines

Iloilo City is undeniably flocked by many tourists and natives when a calming place is one of your needs. Although the city is highly urbanized, still it has many hidden spots that truly care for people who wanted a break from their demanding lives. Get yourself a treat with the different heartwarming and consoling services that the City of Love has to offer. Visit the top 5 places to relax and unwind in Iloilo - Philippines.

Spa Rivera

If you wanted to be touched by relaxing strokes, Spa Rivera is the expert on the field of massage and spa. They have variety of offers that are truly relaxing to the body and to your pocket as well. The spa has competitive employees that could provide every individual a soothing experience. They have up-to-date services and amenities along with a very serene and calming atmosphere.

Sarabia Manor Hotel

Elegance and beauty, thats what Sarabia Manor Hotel is all about. The castle hotel is situated along General Luna St., Iloilo City. If youre tired serving other people and you want to relax from your work, Sarabia Manor Hotel is happy to serve you. The place will serve you as if youre a prince and princess. The Manor Hotel is outstandingly accentuated with elegant paintings, chandeliers, and carpets that will truly amaze anybody. Services are wide ranged with modern facilities and contemporary concept. The Manor Hotel has boutiques, pools, bars, and other shops that will soothe the mood of every person.


Trapeze is the pride of Guimaras. It is the favorite place of people who want to conduct retreats or those who wish to unwind with the peaceful atmosphere. Trapeze is used to be the monastery of monks. Currently, they also stay in the place but retreat houses and private quarters are isolated. Monks also mingle with the people wherein they could be the retreat masters or guide. Trapeze also has a church that is seen in the middle of the place. During the mass, you will feel a different emotion that will wake your spiritual being for they held their mass in a truly formal and religious manner.

Anhawan Beach Resort

Oceans and waves are truly relaxing. Get away from the busy crowd and set your feet in the cozy resort of Anhawan. The place is mostly visited by tourists and individuals who want a tropical escapade. The resort both offers ocean and pool services. Horseback riding can also be an exciting activity in the resort.

Alans Talabahan

If youre a person who gets to be relaxed in getting your stomach full, visit Alans Talaban and savor each piece with delight. Oysters, shrimps, and other seafood are the main products of the place. They do not serve their customers the plain seafood delicacies rather they offer enticing meals. Baked oysters make Alans Talabahan a sure hit to everyone. Many people travel distant places just to taste the excellent tang of Alans Talabahan.