Places to Relax and Unwind in Bicol - Philippines

Legazpi city and the whole Albay has become a leading destination for many tourists for many years. There are many things you can do when you are in Bicol to relax and have a good time. There are many places you can visit some of them are the following:

Magayon Art Gallery and Museums of Legazpi city

This is a gallery for different art where some famous artists in Legazpi can be found. The gallery actually focuses on contemporary or modern type of art however there are still many pieces showing different kinds of styles of painters. You can also visit the museum and learn many things about Bicol and the history of the region. There are many thigns you can see in the museum. There are various antique things that are priceless that were once owned by rich families of the province. There are old paintings as well.

Kapuntukan Hill

This hill is near the port of Legazpi. The hill has a shape like a lion sleeping. Trekking is a famous activity you can do when you visit Kapuntukan Hill. The hill offers a good viw of the whole city. Tourists or guests can even see the other islands that are far from Legazpi. The view and the colder temperature can give tourists a relaxing time.

The Pototan Cave

This is a cave not very far from the city of Legazpi. The cave is thirty feet in height and six meters wide. There are many things you can find inside the cave like different rock formations, stalagmites and stalactites. The cave also has a river inside which even leads into a much deeper entrance to another cave and other chambers. There is also another passageway. This cave is a good place to discover a new adventure since not many people like spelunking. This could be a relaxing and a good change or addition to your interests.

Albay Park and Wildlife

This is a famous park where you can see and learn about different animals in Legazpi. You can go here and bring your children and learn a lot about nature. This is not a common park you see everywhere in the Philippines because of the surroundings. This is a good place where you can spend quality time with your family or friends and still enjoy a part of the natural environment. There are more than three hundred kinds of animals. The park also has a boating feature offered for the children and their parents.

Mayon Volcano

Many tourists actually go to Bicol to see the Mayon Volcano which is in Legazpi. This is also known as a great natural wonder. The volcano has a height of eight thousand one hundred feet the perfect shape is really captivating. The name of the volcano was from the Bicol term Magayon which literally means beautiful or lovely. The word is a good description. The eruptions and some activities are frequent because it is still an active volcano. At night the lava flowing from the mouth is a nice view because it has an orange color which you can see at night.