Places to Relax and Unwind in Bacolod - Philippines

Bacolod City is a mid-size city where warm welcome is offered to all visitors coming from different nations. Bacolod was renowned as the City of Smiles because of the warm atmosphere and friendly welcome of its people. The city is located in the western part of Visayas and included as one region in Negros Occidental.

If you want to get out from your weary soul, visit Bacolod City and share the same smile. Consider the top 5 places to relax and unwind in Bacolod, Philippines and be ready to face the world with the new you.

Luxur Place Hotel

It was formerly called the Conventional Plaza Hotel of Bacolod City. The hotel is one of the top ranking hotels in the heart of the City. If youre after a complete relaxing package, the Luxur Hotel has it all. Get to experience the modern amenities and best accommodations while youre trying to calm yourself in the classic suite of the hotel. Every cent you spend in the hotel is really worth it. Experience the royal life in a reasonable price at the Luxur Place Hotel.

Costa Aguada Island Resort

If you wanted to experience how warm the people in Bacolod are, visit Costa Aguada Island Resort and prove it yourself. Its not just an ordinary resort since the place is expert in providing its customers a serene and tranquil place yet getting the chance to enjoy every second of your stay in the resort. If you want to float on a pool away from the salty sea, the resort has a wide and classic pool with a unique poolside bar.

The resort also has horse-riding stable for a just price. Reward your self by visiting the lovely Coconut Pavilion and savor exquisite and enticing seafood delicacies.

Imbiss Bacolod

Satisfy your appetite along with the delectable international cuisines offered by Imbiss Bacolod. Although its a small restaurant, its size does not limit the heavenly foods that it offers to a lot of people who gets to visit the place. The atmosphere in the restaurant is highly inviting, relaxing with its cozy settings. If youre a sausage lover, Imbiss Bacolod will surely offer you the best treat in town.

Mambucal Resort

This resort in Bacolod offer its visitors set of outstanding natural springs that highlights the entire place. It is located at the rising peak with very high altitude. With cool effect of the place, it ensures the relaxing and soothing effect of the different hot springs. Experience the beauty of nature at Mambucal Resort.

Sibulan House Reef

If you want to tire yourself out in the waves of the ocean, trap yourself in the Sibulan House Reef. Release your diving skills in the threshold of this outstanding diving site. The view is more appreciated in the evening although it is still wonderful in the mornings. Night diving at Sibulan House Reef will open your eyes not just to the different fish but also to unique spider crabs.