Nature Experiences in Samar - Philippines

Samar, a Visayan island that is very prone to typhoons that usually occur three to four times every year. Aside from the fact that Samar is challenged by natural calamities, the province is also known to be the home of courageous people.

Literally, Samar means a cut or wound which is assumed to be the description of the island because of its rugged terrain landscape. The topography of the place is rough and rocky, with no mountains yet with thick forests. The island is divided by several streams and creeks

Samar is a great hotspot for tourist and local visitors. Never miss the chance to visit Samars scenic views and natural attraction. Feel invited while you consider the Top 5 Nature Experiences in Samar - Philippines

Sohotan Cave

Although there are several caves found in Samar, the Sohotan Cave stands out from the rest for its highly inviting rugged landscape and varied rock formations. The natural attraction is an ideal place for rock climbing, trekking, and similar outdoor ativities. The Sohotan Cave is believed to be the hiding place of the natives during the olden days.

Another notable cave in Samar is the Calbiga Cave. When we speak of sheer size caves, nothing beats the eye catching beauty of the Calbiga Cave. The view is truly mesmerizing because unlike other caves, the Calbiga Cave includes interconnecting series of caves, several passageways as well as chambers, numerous rock formations and underground watercourse.

Hamorawon Spring

Samar is the great sport where great adventure awaits everyone. Get rid of the usual risks and explore the beauty of Hamorawon Spring. If you get to the place, you will surely be impressed with the outstanding stone edifice that is believed to be there during the Soanish era. Hamorawon Spring is found at the center of Borongan.

The natural spring is endowed with cool waters that will surely sooth and console even the most exhausted traveler. Unlike ordinary springs, Hamorawon Spring is a legendary icon because of its miraculous waters. If you cant find true love, local folks believe that once you immerse yourself in the water of Hamorawon Spring you will find the answers to your questions.

Marabut Marine Park

The beautiful spot of Marabut Marine Park is located at the Southern part of Samar very close to the San Bernardino Strait. The marine park highlights various selections of corals and different forms of marine animals.

Marabut Marine Park has several restaurants and resorts where you could relax and experience the tasty food trip.

Samar Archaeological Museum

Aside from the natural wonders of Samar, the province could also show off its historical landmarks. The archeological museum exhibits several collections and relics from various time periods. The love and storied tradition of Samar could be described by the priceless religious artifacts, antique porcelains, utensils, jars, and bowls.

Homonhon Island

The island is just a tiny piece of land with huge history behind the place. Homonhon Island is where Ferdinand Magellan set his feet on Philippines. There was a marker made to specifically identify the part where the Spanish explorer took his first spot.