Nature Experiences in Ormoc - Philippines

Ormoc is not only a port city of the Visayas, but home to many beautiful rainforests and attraction that you as a tourist can visit and conquer. You will find a list of the top 5 nature experiences in Ormoc Philippines right here which will guide you from the best place in the city to the last must-see so that you do not miss out on the greatest nature adventures in this city.

Nature Experience No. 1 Trail over Lakes and Mountains

The Leyte Mountain Trail is by comparison the most extensive and best nature experience on the top 5 nature experiences in Ormoc Philippines. The trek is 40 km long and you will be able to do and see almost everything that is associated with nature and adventure. Take a tour to the guitar shaped lake called Danao that supposedly houses a giant eel. Take a scuba dive to make sure that is true and start the trail from there all the way to the Mahagnao Volcano Natural Park which has hot springs, a volcano of course and plenty of flora and fauna synonymous to a volcanic region.

Tour through the Rainforests

Many resorts and hotels offer tours and one tour that should definitely be taken is through the rainforests of the Mahagnao forests, Malagsum, Danao and Casudsu-Ran rainforests. You will also take a tour to the Guinaban waterfalls and its forest area. Throughout the tour, you will experience the best view over the Samar Island which is worth the spot in the top 5 nature experiences in Ormoc Philippines. Expect to see plenty of green, plenty of insects so bring some insect repellent and many beautiful butterflies. You might also stumble upon deer, monkeys, or boars but do not be scared for your guide will know what to do.

Relaxing in the Hot Springs

The Tongonan Hot Springs National Park is another favorite in the top 5 nature experiences in Ormoc Philippines. It is here where you can relax in one of their pools if you are not feeling too much of boiling meat within them and you can enjoy the special flora and fauna in this national park. Aside from being a tourist attraction, the national park is also used as a geothermal power source that supplies the region with electricity and it is Philippines first geothermal plant.

Harvest Pineapples

The Pineapple Plantation is one our pick in the top 5 nature experiences in Ormoc Philippines because it is something that is a little extraordinary. The city of Ormoc is actually known for its delicious Pineapple and once you visit the Plantation you will know why. The sweet taste makes this pineapple sort irresistible and you will finally see how pineapples are being planted and harvested. Did you know that pineapples grow on little trees and shrubs? You will see everything about pineapples and take a tour around the plantation.

Golfing in a Country Club

Wrapping up the top 5 nature experiences in Ormoc Philippines is yet another unconventional yet popular nature activity. We are taking you to the Leyte Golf and Country Club. Here you can relax in the green while swinging your club and your golf ball into the desired hole. Share a chat with other players and feel like you are on top of your game with this nature experience.