Nature Experiences in Dipolog - Philippines

Dipolog City is located in the southern edge of the Philippines under the province of Zamboanga del Norte. The city is one of the rising tourist destination places in the whole Philippines. The tourism of the place is highly rewarded with natural attractions and manmade beautiful spots. This made Dipolog City to stand out from other cities with flying colors. Several fascinating sceneries and remarkable landmarks are seen only in Dipolog City.

If youre a nature lover and adventurer, Dipolog City could be the perfect spot for you. Enjoy the various outdoor activities while you consider the top 5 nature experiences in Dipolog, Philippines.

Trip to Sungkilaw Falls

This natural attraction offers amazing scenery that many tourists and local folks truly love to spend their trip. The outstanding Sungkilaw Falls could provide people to keep in touch with natures beauty while they take pleasure in the cool, refreshing, and relaxing waters from the mountain.

Although the place is not fully explored, Dipolog City is putting all the efforts to create beautiful and relaxing cottages and resorts around the falls to provide guests and tourists memorable stay in the area.

Flight to the 3,003 Steps to Linabo Peak

Climbing to the peak of Linabo Mountain will take you thousands of steps and will surely challenge your stamina and perseverance to experience nature at its best. Although the journey is quite challenge, the splendid view at the top is truly enchanting. Many tourists and local visitors visit the spot to spend their trip to the interesting place of Linabo Peak. The place is the perfect spot for those who wanted to ponder and recollect. Breathe in the fresh air and watch the clear skies and abundant plains while youre in the peak. Indeed, the trip to Dipolog City is incomplete if you wouldnt spend your time at this attractive Linabo Peak.

Camp at Cogon Eco-Park

Enjoy the thrilling experience and nature adventures at Cogon Eco-Park. The place is a nice, refreshing and truly an amazing tourist destination place. Cogon Eco-Park will surely provide a splendid view of natures bounty as its finest. Feel the excitement while you take pleasure in seeing different species of endangered plants and animals. The place is perfect for picnics and camping.

Stopover at Dakak Beach

If you keep hearing about the well- known beachfront in Dipolog City, the perfect spot to go to is Dakak Beach. Just take a 30 minute drive from Dipolog City and you will surely reach the place. Have fun while you experience nature in the cool waters of the beach. Surf with the gentle incoming waves and dive through the beautiful underwater view. Enjoy the fine white sand beach and other marine sports while youre in Dakak beach.

Beach Camp at Miputak

Gather your camping equipment and spend your trip at attractive and alluring sandy beach of Miputak. Enjoy your relaxing vacation while you spend your days doing lots of beach outdoor fun. Camping at Miputak beach is really a wonderful adventure to try out during your vacation trips.