Local Treats in Tagbilaran - Philippines

Tagbilaran City is the capital city of Bohol. Being the center of the entire Bohol province, the city is frequently visited by the many because of different scenic spots and alluring attractions that boost the tourism of the place. Everyone is invited to share their time and experience and let Tagbilaran be part of your lives.

If youre worried where to stay in the city, the entire Tagbilaran will answer your lodging needs. Several resorts and hotels offer topnotch facilities and up-to-date amenities. All is great in Tagbilaran including the people of the place.

Tagbilaran is the best spot to spend the vacation and holidays and there are lots of things to enjoy. To name some, consider the top 5 local treats in Tagbilaran City, Philippines


Upside Down Cave Expo

Tagbilaran sightseeing will eventually lead you to its wonderful and impressive caves carved by nature over million of years. Treat the whole family and enjoy the entire trip seeing every corner and exploring every detail of each cave that you visit. One could choose from various caves in Tagbilaran City such as Hinagdanon Cave, Mesias Cave and Lahos Lahos Cave. These caves are open for public viewing and educational tours.

Compact Site Visit

Why dont you treat the whole family in a place that signifies a historical event of the Philippines, it would be more meaningful. Have your trip a location wherein the beauty of the place speaks about its rich history. Tagbilaran City holds the Blood Compact Site where the famous agreement between two ancient leaders happened.

Picture Taking with Tarsiers

If you wanted to see a little creature that you would surely love, visit the Tarsier Sanctuary in Tagbilaran City. This haven is locally unique that drives the tourism of the place goes international. See for yourself the worlds smallest primates, the very own Tagbilaran tarsiers. Get to have a close nature encounter with these creatures. Picture taking and photo souvenirs could be an enjoyable activity while in scenic spots of the sanctuary.

Beach Trip- Top 4 Among the Top 5 Local Treats in Tagbilaran, Philippines

The local beaches in the entire Philippines are truly incomparable and it goes the same with the Tagbilaran beaches. Kaingit Beach is one of the well-known beaches in Tagbilaran where people frequently spend their trips. If you wanted to experience the local treats in Tagpilaran, come and visit Kaingit beach. Enjoy beach bumming, scuba diving and other water activities that will surely complete your vacation treat.

Museum Visits

Some say that museum visits are quite boring. Well, it depends on the things that youll be seeing. The Bohol and Baclayon museums exhibit the artifacts that can only be seen within Tagbilaran. Aside from the religious artifacts, antiques and porcelains buried in the lands over thousands of years are also seen in the museums.