Local Treats in Ormoc - Philippines

The Pineapple Plantation

Ormoc City is considered the Philippine's pineapple capital. The Pineapple Plantation found in ormoc produces the best tasting pineapple in the whole country. The plantation is located in the north side of the Barangay of Hibunawon. It's total measurement is roughly 200 land hectares. You can see the queen pineapple in this plantation which is considered the most delicious one in the country. The pineapple produced by this plantation in Ormoc City is among the most priced possession of the province and one of the sought after export products in the Philippines.

Lake Danao

The lake Danao is yet another famous attraction in the City of Ormoc. It is in fact the most famous water body in the city. As of today, this lake is popular because of its several boat rides that takes tourists and foreign visitors to a journey across the crystal clear water of the lake. Lake Danao also has a floating restaurant that's always filled with people. The lake measures about three kilometers or 1.8 miles long and it is believed that a great sea creatures swims deep down, a giant eel.

The Leyte Golf and Country Club

If you are tired of trekking, there is always another option waiting for you when you are in Ormoc. You can take a break from all the trekking and mountain climbing and settle for a good swing at the The Leyte Golf and Country Club. This resort measures about 70 hectares filled with green palm and coconut trees. The beautiful green scenery of the land gives contrast to the bright blue sky. This place provides you a serene atmosphere allowing you to relax and have a great time, and though it is very peaceful and quiet, the club is located within Ormoc, so you can get back easily to the city at any point. The same feeling is true if you want to escape the busy world of the city, you can always hit your engine and drive 4 miles to reach the resort.

The Rainforests

When you are in Ormoc City, most tour packages would include trekking to one of the rainforests found in the province. If you are up for a trek in Ormoc, it is a must for you to visit Mahagnao, Danao, Malagsum and Casudsu-Ran rainforests. Touring to these places will give you a view of the hidden wonders of Ormoc, these includes trees, shrubs, hills and the famous Guinaban Falls. You will also find a lot of exotic plants and animals in these rainforests such as boars, monkeys, deers and different kinds of orchis and flowers. A journey to the wild, that is.

Tongonan Hotsprings National Park

One of the main source of strength of Ormoc lies on it's power to produce geothermal energy by means of some plants that are found in the province. These energy producing plants resides at the Tongonan Hotsprings National Park. This valley is well known to provide energy to the province, but, it is still under development.