Local Treats in Leyte - Philippines

Leyte is both a multi-faceted island and feature rich provinces located in the eastern part of the Visayas region. The city is one of the outstanding provinces in the entire Philippines where rich tradition and culture of the natives were strongly upheld. Aside from that, Leyte is also rich with scenic spots that stir the attention of any local tourist or traveler across the globe.

People would find utmost entertainment in the alluring natural attractions and manmade parks that surrounds the place. Traveling around the Philippine boundary is undeniably fantastic and visiting Angeles City is absolutely an add-on to your trip. Venture the place and consider the top 5 local treats in Leyte, Philippines.

Long Bridge Travel

The San Juanico Bridge is not only the longest bridge in Leyte but its also incomparable to other bridges in Southeast Asia. Explore the back roads while you cross the breathtaking long bridge. Take a glimpse of the entire San Juanico Strait where one could see not only the long road but also the clear blue skies, several small islets and the serene waters. The bridge is a landmark on its own which is well-preserved by the government and community people.

Visit "I shall return" Site

Reviewing the history of the Philippines will take you back noting the year 1944. The date marks the return of General McArthur and his allies and the successful comeback happens at Palo, Leyte specifically in the Red Beach. The beach holds the statue of the general and his allies which serves as the primary attraction of the place. These sculptures are seated in a lagoon.

Sanctuary Trip

The unique place of Fish ok Fish Sanctuary in Leyte is undeniably the dream of fish lovers and ultimately the haven for marine animals. The sanctuary is located in the Pintuyan, Leyte which is several kilometers from Maasin. Love the view of multitude fish types which is very exclusive to the island. Corals with various hues, both soft and hard, have made possible to attract local tourist and travelers to the place.

The entire sanctuary is located just beneath a rocky hill which gives you alternative options to go trekking, rock climbing, hiking and other outdoor activities.

Feast with the Tribes

Leyte has numerous festivities that spice up the mood of the entire island. The highlight of each festival is the tribe competition where people showcase their rich tradition along with there colorful costumes. Street parties and food fest also stir up the interest of many people.

Colorful Beaches

The island of Leyte is also rich with beautiful beaches and some of which are names as Red Beach and White Beach. Aside from their captivating names, these beaches are also great for the whole family or spend the vacation trip since the cozy setting and serene waters are truly soothing.