Local Treats in Boracay - Philippines

The Butterfly Garden

The Butterfly Garden of Boracay is probably among the most favorite attractions and tourist destinations of the place. This is a tropical garden that is home to several types of butterflies that counts to more than 200 species. You can also find some 150 botanical species, mostly labeled for visitors to read and learn about them. As you visit the Butterfly Garden, you will be accompanied by a tourist guide that will assist you and help you out on the important information about the life of butterflies. You can also observe a full life cycle of a butterfly in the Garden's butterfly nursery. The garden is free for everyone to roam around and you can even take pictures with the pretty butterflies floating all over the place.

The Kingfishers Farm

Another good place to visit while you're in Boracay is the Kinfisher's Farm, it is located in the narrowest point of the island which is a ten minute walk away from the road. This farm is hemmed with a lot of coves and mangrove and it is the only theme in the Island that showcases Filipino farm fish. As you visit this farm, you will be amused by watching the milkfishes jumping here and tehre as you relax in one the farm's cabanas. You will also enjoy great food within the place where you can fish out your own food and grill it by yourself.

The Boracay Bats

Off from the Northern part of the Island of Boracay lies a Baranggay called Yapak which is considered the haven place for the bats of Boracay. As you take a walk on your way to this place, you will pass through a non-inhabited place in Boracay where in you will see three bat species that are dominant. There are the variable flying fox, golden crowned flying fox and the Philippine giant flying fox. Most visitors would most likely site on the shore as they watch the bats flying during the sunset. This is a good place for nature lovers.

Boracay Islands Puka Beach

To the north coast of the Island of Boracay lies the Puka Beach. It is a place where you can enjoy a serene ambiance which is perfect for privacy and relaxation. This beach offers an atmosphere that is free from commotion. Within the beach is a small cave which gives thrill to seekers out there giving them the opportunity to explore the cave and go to the pitch black core.

Crocodile Island

The Crocodile Island is among the most favorite tourist destination in the Island. This is called Crocodile Island because of the rugged coast of the beach that resembles a sleeping crocodile. One can enjoy snorkeling in this beach which is possible within 6 kilometers off the shore. This is also a good place to relax and enjoy the powdery white sand of the beach and enjoy the amazing heat of the sun. One thing is for sure, there are no crocodiles in this Island so you need not worry about swimming with a croc nearby.