Handicap Accessible Hotels in Samar - Philippines

Cell.Com Hotel

With convenience on top of its business agenda, Cell.Com Hotel fits a spot in the Top 5 Handicap Accessible Hotels in Samar Philippines. As guests enter the place, the friendly hotel staff has nothing else in mind but to provide the most satisfying, convenient, and relaxing accommodations possible. After the guests have been guided into their respective rooms, they will realize that almost everything they need are already available inside these prime units. It has remote-controlled TVs, which make it easier for people to change channels from one favorite show to another. Add to that, the air-condition systems are positioned conveniently at low spots inside the rooms, allowing even those in wheelchairs adjust these ventilation systems.

Jasmine Beach Resort

At Jasmine Beach Resort, handicapped guests are always treated with utmost respect and care. At the same time, they can spend some peaceful and quiet moments at a natural setting, away from the noisy and stressful backdrop of city life. All throughout their stays at this resort hotel, guests are entirely safe from any harm, especially with the presence of 24-hour security personnel. Prices for convenient stays at this place are relatively cheap, which easily fit the budget of almost everyone. These beautiful guestrooms contain easy-access features like air-condition systems, TVs, and comfortable beds.

Rolet Hotel

A simple yet elegant hotel facility in Catbalogan City, Rolet Hotel offers topnotch services and facilities for disabled guests. Add to that, this hospitality service provider has many handicap-friendly features that make things much easier for people with disabilities. Its rooms are air-conditioned, which allow guests to rest well for another day of fun and adventure. The bathrooms are always clean, with accessible faucets, toilets, and showers. For more information about the other fine features and services of this hotel, people can dial the contact numbers (055)-251-5512 or 0919-3059532.

Summers Garden Pensionne

With all its simply fine features and services, Summers Garden Pensionne joins the Top 5 Handicap Accessible Hotels in Samar- Philippines, as it continues to serve as a place where people with disabilities can ultimately relax and unwind. Its guestrooms are designed with the simplest yet highly efficient details like TV sets, private bathrooms, and hot showers. As a former residential facility, people are guaranteed to feel at home inside this cozy pension house. To know more about its other interesting features, send inquiries through [email protected].

Domsowir Hotel

For a chance to visit another highly conducive place for handicapped people in Samar, people can drop by at Domsowir Hotel along Real Street within the Borongan area. It offers very simple rooms equipped with highly convenient amenities like TVs, bathrooms, and toilets. More importantly, it has soft spacious beds that people need to achieve satisfying sleeps and rests. The prices are not that high either, with decent accommodations up-for-grabs for a little less than 1,000 pesos.