Handicap Accessible Hotels in Ormoc - Philippines

Ormoc Villa Hotel

When people talk about superior services and accommodations for the handicapped in Ormoc City, one of the top things that come to mind is Ormoc Villa Hotel, which is situated along Obrero Street. This high standard hotel always aims to make things easier, more comfortable, and more convenient for all its guests. To fulfill this noble mission, the place has in-stored a collection of simple, classy, yet very accessible features. The hospitality of its staff is superb, its dedication to quality service is unmatched, and the hotel accommodations that it provides are somewhat varied, ranging from simple Deluxe Rooms down to the highly elegant Presidential Suite. For more info about its other important handicap-friendly services and features, inquiries can be made through the phone numbers (053)-561-9744, (053)-561-9745, or (053)-255-8117.

Sabin Resort Hotel

Located within the area of Bantigue in Ormoc City, Sabin Resort Hotel is another first-class hospitality service provider with good handicap accessible features. Inside its guestrooms, people can find almost everything that they will need to attain total customer satisfaction, from adjustable air-condition systems down to private toilets and some neat looking bathrooms. The telephone lines are capable of making both local and international calls, the beds are guaranteed to provide superior comfort, and the guestrooms are equipped with classy furniture like cabinets, dressers, and desks. For those who want to explore the fascinating sights and sounds of the city can do so by making special arrangements with the hotel staff. Some really enticing food awaits guests at Marios Restaurant, which features a menu of delectable vegetables, seafood, and meat.

Hotel Don Felipe

Found somewhere along Bonifacio Street in Ormoc City, Hotel Don Felipe is a very inviting place for handicapped guests because of its well-maintained facilities and personalized services. The entire place is clean most of the time, the hotel staff is very friendly, and the bedrooms are truly relaxing and comforting for everyone. In terms of rates, guests will never have a problem because there are various accommodations available, ranging from simple non-air-conditioned rooms to highly elegant Senior Suites, all available within the price range of 360 pesos to 2,880 pesos.

New Pongos Hotel

At New Pongos Hotel, handicapped guests have finally found a home that is sensitive enough to attend to their different needs. Right inside the place, they can stay for as low as 350 pesos at the Single Rooms, with Double Rooms available for twice as much at the rate of 700 pesos per night. For utmost convenience, they can book at VIP Suites for the price of 2,400 pesos, which contain finer and much grander in-room amenities for highly pleasurable stays. Basic hotel services include massage, parking, and room service.

Zenaidas Chateau Tourist Inn

Found along Navarro Street in Ormoc City, Zenaidas Chateau Tourist Inn offers disabled tourists and guests a highly convenient location where they can live in comfort and ease, free from the hassles found outside the place. Its rooms are simple yet they contain almost every basic thing that guests will need all throughout their stays at the hotel. Starting at 600 pesos, people with disabilities can already book air-conditioned rooms with TV sets and beds.