Handicap Accessible Hotels in Baguio - Philippines

We all know that the hotel is the first choice of people who are having vacation far from their home and the people who needs to visit other places for work-related reasons. In Baguio, hotels have very convenient and cozy rooms to choose from. Their location is not far from the beautiful places in the city and is very accessible. Usually, these hotels have accessible amenities for the handicap.

The top 5 handicap accessible hotels in Baguio Philippines are the very best amongst the beautiful hotels in the city and are very accessible for everyone. These hotels are very considerate and the employees are very friendly. Choosing to check-in in this kind of hotel is no place like home.

The Manor Hotel

The Manor Hotel located in Camp John Hay Baguio City Philippines. The Manor is not only distinguished by its extraordinary architecture and comfy interiors, but also blessed with an environment that truly sets it apart from other hotels in Baguio City. This four-storey structure, designed to bring together neatly with towering pine trees, provides a superb view of the Cordillera mountain range.

Microtel Inn and Suites

Baguios refreshing climate and the presence of a variety of cultural, historical and scenic destinations make the city an interesting target for both local and foreign travelers. Located 250 km north of Manila and nestles amidst the climax of the Benguet mountains 5,000 feet above sea level, Baguio is one of the few places in the Philippines that is blessed with a cool climate.

Hotel Veniz

Hotel Veniz that is located at Sunshine Road Baguio City, Philippines. With its ethnic style of Baguio Cordilleras its coziness is like no other. It offers a lot of different room services and facilities that are very convenient. In addition to this, Hotel Veniz is located a few steps from Burnham Park that is the one of the tourist spot in Baguio.

The Venus Parkview Hotel

Like Hotel Veniz It is also located near the Burnham Park. Feel the fresh air and smell of pine trees that is clearing your mind and putting yourself at peace. Room layouts are one of the best attractions that all the people who went their really loved. Accommodating staff are always there to help.

The Igorot Lodge

The Igorot Lodge is located in Camp John Hay. It is one of the managed facilities of Asian Institute of Management (AIM). It is rightfully situated in the heart of Camp John Hay giving the guests a real experience of what the pine city is. Also, the golf course is just a few steps away.