Family Friendly Hotels in Surigao - Philippines

Philippine Gateway Hotel

With all its beautiful, safe, and outstanding features, Philippine Gateway Hotel is considered one of the Top 5 Family Friendly Hotels in Surigao Philippines. Its rooms are comprised of very fine materials, making it a very safe place for everyone especially for children. Most of its guestrooms are fully air-conditioned, providing the necessary convenience that people need to achieve highly pleasurable stays. Room service is very much available, allowing parents to order most of their needs without going out of their rooms. The place also features a large swimming pool, which is guaranteed to be an excellent location for bonding between parents and their children. For dining purposes, the entire family can enjoy satisfying meals at the in-house restaurant. The prices are family-friendly as well, with room rates ranging from 1,200 pesos to 3,250 pesos only.

Tavern Hotel

For families looking for a very nice place to stay along one of the major roads in Surigao City, Tavern Hotel is definitely one of the right locations to consider. Inside this fine hotel facility along Borromeo Street, people can find affordable accommodations ranging from 1,200 pesos to 2,000 pesos. Its beautiful guestrooms are filled with family-friendly stuffs including hot showers and refrigerators. There are also telephone lines that make life more convenient for everyone, particularly for parents who want something for their children. Traveling is also not a problem at this hotel because it offers van rentals to guests. Also noteworthy about this place are extremely convenient services like laundry, pressing, and on-call massages.

The Garden Pavillion

The Garden Pavillion is another great hospitality service provider that makes it to the list of the top family friendly hotels in Surigao. The hotel has many cool features that families will surely enjoy. One of the major advantages of families staying at this place is that children with ages lower than 12 years old are absolutely free of charge. Likewise, people who come in groups will pay much lower rates than those who book individually. The more family members, the lesser guests will have to pay for such excellent hotel accommodations. For those availing of the group rates, expect to pay 399 pesos each.

JVC Apartelle

Found along Narciso Street in Surigao City, JVC Apartelle joins the pack of family-friendly hotels in the area with its nice services, wonderful accommodations, and low rates. For as little as 600 pesos, parents can have a safe, cozy, and convenient place to stay for their families inside this hotel. These Family Rooms offer enough space for guests who want to experience the comfort that only such great hotel can offer. For more details, people can inquire through the telephone lines (086)-232-7872 and (086)-232-6953.

Jannex Pension and Restaurant

Situated along Capitol Road, Jannex Pension and Restaurant is another excellent family-friendly hotel in Surigao City, thanks mainly for its simply nice and rather cool features. Staying at this place is really a pleasurable experience because the prices are low despite its high quality services and decent facilities. Families are guaranteed to have a great time inside, with air-conditioned Family Rooms available for as low as 550 pesos each. Add to that, each of these units has clean bathrooms, cozy beds, and homey ambiance.