Family Activities in Subic - Philippines

Subic is an ideal destination for some R&R. Its diverse and very rich surroundings offer countless activities that each member of the family, from whatever age group they may be, would surely marvel about. If you are planning on a trip to Subic anytime soon, you better read on. We list the top five family activities in Subic right here, right now!

Nature Tripping Subic is Teeming with Wildlife.

The tourism industry of the town capitalizes on that. As a fact, many jungle trips are on offer to introduce families to the beauty of the outdoors. If your family is adventurous enough, you could try the jungle survival training to see whether you can live through the rainforest or not. This particular activity is very exciting as it is not only enjoyable but educational as well.

Theme Parks

Visiting Theme Parks Today, numerous theme parks have been built within the vicinity of Subic Bay to offer different family bonding opportunities. You may want to see the dolphin show at the Ocean Adventure or the tigers in the flesh at Zoobic Safari and still have the same amount of fun with your family. Kids love theme parks. They enjoy getting close to animals that they do not get to pet every day. For sure, they will have a nice time visiting each and every theme park there is in Subic as much as you, the adults would.


There are countless resorts and hotels in Subic that you could check out for some water fun. Subic is one great place to swim and do other water-related activities that are not as challenging so as to be deemed perfect for the young members of the family. White Rock Beach Resort is a popular choice with its replica of the white sands of Boracay. But wait, White Rock is not the only beach resort that can be found in Subic. There are many others lined up that provides a marvelous exploration of the sea. You just have to choose your familys brand of comfort to find the best place to be.

Horse Riding

Horse Riding Subic is home to a huge jungle of horses bred straight from South America. You and your kinds would surely enjoy riding the white horses, going around the wooden fences. Do not worry because horse riding activities in Subic are duly supervised by local guides. Even if you or any of your kids are just first-timers, you will surely have fun doing this activity, especially if you avail of a trail ride that is pretty challenging but exciting nevertheless.

Dramatic Sunrises and Sunsets

Hanging Out Subic boasts of beautiful and dramatic sunrises and sunsets. You would love hanging out, doing nothing at the Waterfront Boardwalk, waiting for the sun to show off its marvelous might. The beauty of Subic Bay is best enjoyed this way as you get nice views combined with the freshest of air. The sight from the Boardwalk is true enough a sight to behold. This activity is a must for families who love hanging out together with a wonderful backdrop of nature.