Family Activities in Leyte - Philippines

Leyte is located on the eastern part of the Visayas region. The island province is multi-faceted as well as feature- rich. The place is rich in natural resources, scenic spots, culture, and above all, very rich in history. Aside from that, Leyte is abundant in diverse attractions and traits that really stir up the interest of any traveler that is comparable the outstanding beauty of diamond with countless radiant facets.

The island province summons several images of the ancient times as well as the possibility in the future. Furthermore, it also hold people together although of various cultural backgrounds and origin for a well off adventure any tourist will take pleasure in experiencing. Enjoy the trip while you consider the Top 5 Family Activities in Leyte - Philippines.

Leyte Sightseeing

The entire environment of Leyte is really alluring and charming. Taking a glimpse of these natural attractions is truly breathtaking and impressive. You could enjoy simple nature walk down to challenging trekking adventures. Several tourist spots in Leyte are considered as one of the finest destination places in the entire Philippines.

Leyte beaches are truly worth visiting. The best description of these sites is undeniably charming and fascinating. Some of these notable beaches are Kuting Beach, Bitu-on Beach, White Beach, and Maamo Beach.

Bridge Travel

The longest bridge in the Southeast Asia is located in Leyte known as the San Juanico Bridge. The length of the entire bridge is very outstanding and breathtaking, a sight to behold. Once you get to cross the bridge, taking a glimpse of the fascinating San Juanico Strait is very interesting. Enjoy the scenic views of the blue skies, abundant plains, numerous islets and the serene water beneath.

Trip to Several Historical Landmarks

The historical significance of Leyte is very rich in details. Aside from the beautiful sights that surrounds Leyte, historical landmarks also symbolizes the abundant history of the place. It speaks about the struggle of Leyte during the past and how the place continues to strive to pull the tourism and entire status to the pedestal.

Some of the notable historical landmarks in the place include the Landing Memorial of General Douglas McArthur and Santo Nino Shrine and Heritage Museum. Several artifacts and relics highlight lots of meaningful events in the past.

Island Hopping

Aside from the numerous beaches that surround Leyte, several islands and islets points out how beautiful the entire Leyte is. Feel the refreshing atmosphere of Cuatros Island and other eye-catching islets. As the name of the island implies, Cuatros Island is consists of four different islands namely the Hiumokilan, Mahaba, Digyo, and Apid. These different islands are well-known because of their fine sands and exquisite tropical views.

Food Trip

Complete your trip in Leyte by ending it up at the different topnotch restaurants located in the place. Satisfy your appetite and savor every bit of your food while you dine in the luxurious and steaming food stalls. Choose from the bestseller local cuisines to enticing international delicacies offered in various restaurants.