Family Activities in General Santos - Philippines

Family gatherings and reunions in every sense of the words are truly heartwarming and comforting. There are only limited times wherein the whole family could gather and spend time together. Never miss the chance to experience the best group gathering in a beautiful place.

Before going out for international travel, consider first the national tourist spot in the Philippines. The tourism of Philippines has several destination places for tourists, guests, and families to spend their holidays and vacations. If youre heading the Mindanao Island, General Santos City is a notable place to set your gatherings. Plan it out by considering the top 5 family activities in General Santos - Philippines.

Celebrate GenSan Tuna Festival

The fishing industry of General Santos City is booming especially with its main product, the tuna. In respect to the great impact of tuna to Gensans commerce, Tuna Festival was started and celebrated yearly. If you could adjust your trip to GenSan on August then your family will surely witness the world class Tuna Festival. Have fun while seeing the highlight of the festival such as pageants, street parties, float competitions, parades, ceremonial awards, and the exiting culinary competitions. Experience the festive mood while your family savors the taste of delicious tuna served in different flavors.

Nature Tripping

Get the whole family and take them close to natures beauty. Take time to visit General Santos and you will surely enjoy wonderful scenery of caves, springs, waterfalls, mountain lakes, and a lot more. One spot that the family shouldnt miss is the trip going to the Frying Pot Island. As the name implies, the island is truly unique with its karsts formation that produces the waterfalls and caves after millions of years of continuous formation. Historically, the Kalaja Karsts Island was believed to be a hideout of Japanese warriors during the World War II. Artifacts and evidences were recovered during the first discovery of the place.The Frying Pot or Kara Karst Island is truly a great hub for the whole family to spend nature tripping.

Aquatic/ Marine Activities

General Santos City is gifted with bodies of water worth exploring. The place is perfect for the family to enjoy aquatic or marine sports activities. Get to see a closer look of stunning coral reefs underwater. Dive deeply and see the rewarding view of abyss. If you prefer to stay under shallow water, the family could still enjoy sunbathing, beach combing, banana boating, and a lot more fun activities. Usual aquatic sports enjoyed in General Santos include scuba diving, snorkeling, surfing, and a lot more underwater activities.

Dinner Buffet

Feed the cravings of the family and satisfy their appetite by treating them to a dinner buffet at General Santos. Get to savor every sweet tastes of tuna and other enticing meals and delicacies that will truly mark the foods of General Santos.

Hotel and Resort Escapade

The place is an excellent destination place that features many of the most outstanding, convenient and exciting hotels and resorts where guests and tourists are warmly welcomed. As the years go by, these accommodations continue to serve everyone the utmost pleasure, convenience, and comfort which drive the people to visit General Santos over and over again. With topnotch facilities, outstanding services, and highly reasonable rates of hotels and resorts, the crowd and lots of people are expected to stay happy on the place.