Family Activities in Cagayan de Oro - Philippines

There are several things a family can do when visiting Cagayan de Oro. This is the capital of Misamis Oriental and the city is far from being just a quiet town. This city is fast becoming a business hub for many companies in the region. There are however more natural activities a family can do in Cagayan de Oro. A family can have a water rafting adventure in the popular Cagayan de Oro river. It starts from the town of Baraga to the city. Tourists get to see different vegetation and different animals as well. For the adventurous people they can take on the rapids and enjoy the thrilling ride. The following are the other best activities you can do as a family

River Rafting Filipino Style called tubing

This is different from water rafting because the passengers need to have their paddles and they should sit in the rubber tube and ride on it for two and a half hours. The guests though should be two years old until seventy years old only.

Kayaking in White Waters

Kayaking is a family activity you can enjoy in the river of Cagayan de Oro. The enjoyment is actually intensified because with kayaking you can actually be alone. It is a good way to build some self-esteem. This is done in the safest way possible so guests are in no harms way at all. Safety apparel like the device for floating and helmets can also be provided. There is always a guide who goes kayaking with the tourists.

Visiting the Malasag Eco-tourism Village

This will give your family a cultural and informative experience. This village is filled with gardens. It also showcases different relics that came from ethnic groups of Mindanao. You can also walk through the hills of Malasag and from there you can enjoy a good view of the coastline.

Enjoying an Adventure in Macahambus Park and Mapawa Nature Park

This is a place you should really visit while you are visiting Cagayan de Oro. This is just ten minutes from the citys airport. This is found in the towns of Bayanga and Lumbia. A family can enjoy an adventure while you walk in a bridge that hangs over a gorge below. You can also rappel going down in the gorge. You will certainly enjoy a good rush of adrenaline. The entrance payment is so minimal.

Mapawas Nature Park is near Malasag Village. This place also includes a waterfall where your family can enjoy swimming. You can also stop here to have your lunch like having a picnic. You and your family will certainly enjoy the cool breeze being under tall trees. You can also enjoy riding horses in this natural park and even camping with your children.

Cooling down in Catanico Falls

The city of Cagayan de Oro is blessed with a beautiful falls called FS Catanico Falls. The place is beautiful with ferns that make the whole place green and loud rapids that pounds on huge boulders. You can get to this place by riding on a cab or in a private car for thirty minutes only.