Family Activities in Butuan - Philippines

One of the major tourist destinations in the Caraga region, Butuan is a metropolis bursting with life. Take your family across this marvelous city and come across wonders and grandeurs both natural and man made.

Journey to the Butuan National Museum

The Butuan National Museum is where the majesty of Butuans ancient history becomes manifest.

The Butuan National Museum is divided into two parts. The Archaeological Hall and Ethnological Hall Specimens showcases an assortment of handicraft made by the tribes that lived in the land long before the Spaniards came. They include potteries, jars, and other crafts. The Ethnological Hall, on the other hand is the repository of more contemporary Filipino craft.

Go to the Banza Church Ruins

Built in the early 1600s by the Spanish friars, the Banza Church was razed to the ground by the Muslims, and its ruins are now a major sightseeing spot.

The only thing that remains nowadays of the Banza Church is the bell tower banyan tress. What we know of the appearance of the church is based on the description of the olden writings, and serves as a reminder once again of the rich history of the city.

Visit the Bood Promontory First Mass Eco Park

The Bood Promontory First Mass Eco Park is renowned for being the site where Ferdinand Magellan celebrated mass on 31, March 1521.

Today the site has become attractive for tourists not just because of its historical importance but also for its many appealing features including the Masao River, the Hadlayati Tree, and numerous fish ponds and parks.

View the Relics at the Balangay Shrine Museum

The Balangay Shrine Museum contains the famous Balangay boats, those wooden plank vessels that were built thousands of years ago.

Nine boats, measuring an average of 30 ft by 9 ft, have been unearthed and go back 1,700 years in history. Plenty more are being excavated, mostly in Libertad. More information about these boats is available in the museum, and will fascinate anyone with an interest in ancient history.

Watch the Abayan Festival

Every year, on the final Sunday in July, the people pay homage and give thanks to their patroness, St. Anne by way of the Abayan Festival.

The festivities are carried out in the Agusan River. The highlight of the festival is the crossing on the river by a float bearing the statue of Saint Anne, as it is surrounded by other bancas. Another popular feature of this Butuan festival worth watching is the baroto, a racing spectacle featuring petite multicolored sea vessels.

This guide to the top 5 family activities in Butuan is merely the starting point to more exploration and adventures. As you move around the city the more splendors your family will come across.