Dive Sites in Tagbilaran - Philippines

Bohol and its capital city of Tagbilaran have one of the best dive sites imaginable in the country. These dive sites offer world class marine species as well as flora and fauna. Let us take you into the deep blue Bohol sea and let us discover the top 5 dive sites in Tagbilaran Philippines together.

Pamilacan Island

Pamilacan is one of the five star dive destinations in Tagbilaran which is why it is in the top 5 dive sites in Tagbilaran Philippines. This island is the resting place for manta rays and you will find plenty of them. Besides manta rays, you will be able to see various tropical fish such as sweetlips and groupers as well as the coral and sponge formation on the marine sanctuary. The depth of this manta resting place is ranging from 15 meters to 60 meters.

Hammerhead Point

The Hammerhead Point is located at the Cabilao Island and this is yet another five star dive site in Bohol which is yet another reason to put this dive site on the top 5 dive sites in Tagbilaran Philippines. As the name of the dive site says, you will be swimming or rather diving with schools of hammerhead sharks and this can sometimes be a frightening spectacle so stay calm when you are around them and do not move unexpectedly. Depths in this dive site range from 20 meters to 50 meters.

Rudys Rock

Rudys Rock is a dive site on the Balicasag Island and Balicasag is known for its world class dive sites and is sometimes dubbed as the best dive site in the entire Philippines, but we say that it is for you to find out. This top 5 dive sites in Tagbilaran Philippines will make you experience great amounts of big eye trevally schools and you will also see large green sea turtles in this dive site. The minimum and maximum depths range at 15 to 50 meters.

Black Forest

The Black Forest dive site was not named after the cake variety but rather for its look. The top 5 dive sites in Tagbilaran Philippines is proud to include this dive site because it is home to plenty of rare tropical marine species. The name comes from the forests of black corals, but you can also see barracudas, tuna, batfish, snappers, and crinoids. This dive requires a little experience because it can become a fierce drift dive. The maximum and minimum depths are ranging at 20 meters to 40 meters.

Ricos Wall

Ricos Wall is not on the top 5 dive sites in Tagbilaran Philippines for no reason. This dive site is plastered with gardens of corals. The coral gardens protect plenty of nudibranchs, crinoids, hydroids, sea stars, anemones, and several smaller reef fish. There is also a reef at the end of the garden that bears schools of jacks, bannerfish, snappers, fusiliers, pennantfish, Moorish idols, chromis and anthias. The list of to-sees doesnt end here, you can also snap a picture of lionfish, moray eels, gorgonian sea fans, sponges of all kind, and even a white tip reef shark. The maximum and minimum depths range at 15 meters to 50 meters. This dive site is perfect for beginners as well as advanced divers.