Dive Sites in Bohol - Philippines

Diving in the Philippines is slowly becoming a national sport and many more are participating each coming year. One of the quality places to dive is in Bohol which is in the Visayan Region of the Philippines. We are here to introduce the different dive sites in Bohol to you with the help of the list of top 5 dive sites in Bohol Philippines. Let us get our BCDs ready and dive with a smile.

Cervera Shoal

The Cervera shoal dive spot is one of the top 5 dive sites in Bohol Philippines, because it is known as snake island which means you will find plenty of sea snakes here. Prepare yourself to see banded sea snakes and other snake species as well as several tropical fish. This dive site is ideal for beginners, professionals and tech diver because the maximum depth is 60 meters.

Panglao Island

Panglao Island is the biggest island in Bohol and has a total of four dive sites. You will find plenty of coral gardens with lionfish, scorpionfish, batfish, sea snakes and moray eels. There is something for every diver in Panglao Island which is why it is on the top 5 dive sites in Bohol Philippines. Alone beach is a great night dive site on Panglao Island and you can come here as a beginner, intermediate or professional diver. You might find reef sharks in deeper levels, but the overall maximum depth is 35 meters with the minimum depth of 5 meters.

Cabilao Island

The Cabilao Island is located near Tagbilaran City and this dive site is most visited for its most important feature; the schools of Hammerhead sharks. The hammerhead sharks helped putting this dive site in the top 5 dive sites in Bohol Philippines, but there is far more to see in Cabilao Island. There are a total of three different dive sites where you can find corals, gorgonian fans, and shoals of mackerel, wrasses, tuna, groupers, jacks and barracudas. The maximum depth is up to 50 meters and the minimum depths are 20 meters.

Pamilcan Island

Pamilcan is a very special dive site in Bohol which is why it is on the top 5 dive sites in Bohol Philippines. It is only here in the entire Visayan Region where you will find manta rays. The name literally means the resting place of mantas and you will soon swim with one of these special creatures. The island also has an impressive marine sanctuary with corals, sponges, anemones and sea fans. Maximum depths are 60 meters and minimum depths are 15 meters.

Balicasag Island

Balicasag Island is said to be the best diving spot in the Visayas which is why it is on the top 5 dive sites in Bohol Philippines. There is a marine sanctuary that stretches out 400 meters along the coast. You will find giant fans, table corals and star corals as well as sponges, anemones, and feather stars. The marine life is almost overcrowded and you will find yourself swimming in a literal sea of fish. The maximum depth is 35 meters which makes this spot perfect for beginners.