Best Value Restaurants in Tacloban - Philippines

San Pedro Bay Seafood Restaurant

An interesting, inviting, and relaxing restaurant in Tacloban Philippines, San Pedro Bay Seafood Restaurant takes pride in the delectable and sumptuous seafood dishes that it offers to everyone. Some of the special and tasty dishes that people can order at this restaurant are Calamares, Grilled Squid, as well as Grilled Tilapia. Aside from this, many tourists also visit this dining place for it is known for its cozy ambiance, as well as accommodating staff. Hence, for as low as 200 pesos, customers can definitely have a best value meal, whether American, Filipino, or Canadian cuisine, at San Pedro Bay Seafood Restaurant.

Shakeys Restaurant

For people who prefer Italian cuisine, one of the famous restaurants that offer delectable pastas and pizzas to everyone in Tacloban Philippines is Shakeys Restaurant. For appetizers, this restaurant serves starters such as Calamari Crunch, Mojos n Dip, as well as Garlic Bread. When it comes to main dish, this restaurant serves rice meals that include viands, rice, and beverages. For deserts, Shakeys offers Sundaes, Raisin Oatmeal Cookies, and Ice Cream Bar. For the price range of 150 pesos to 300 pesos, customers can have a delectable meal at this restaurant.


Considered third in the top 5 best value restaurants in Tacloban Philippines, Giuseppes offers interesting menu to everyone. Like Shakeys Restaurant, Giuseppes specializes in Italian cuisine, which means that it serves mouth-watering pastas and delicious pizzas. Price range of foods available at this place is 300 pesos to 500 pesos. Even if the food are not that affordable or cheap when compared to other dining places in the city, many people enjoy dining in this restaurant for it is known for its efficient services, relaxing ambiance, as well as accommodating staff.

Bo's Coffee Club

One of the inviting dining places along Avenida Veteranos Street in Tacloban City, Bo's Coffee Club features refreshing beverages as well as delectable meals to all its customers. Some of the must-try pastries at this place are Blue Berry Cheesecake, Hungarian Sausage, and Pancakes. To complete their meals, they can always order any of the tasty beverages like Froccino White Chocolate, Hot Café Mocha, and Froccino Oreo. What makes this place a best value restaurant is its affordable meals and cozy ambiance.


When it comes to international dishes, there is one place that is worth a visit in Tacloban City, and it is no other than Sunzibar. For starters, customers should try the famous Nachos Salad, Cheese Flautas, and Tortilla Wedges. Meanwhile, to accommodate those who prefer light meals, this restaurant serves sandwiches such as Roasted Veggie and Tuna, TexMex Chicken, and Big Honcho. For only 50 pesos to 150 pesos, people can surely have a memorable, enjoyable, and tasty meal at Sunzibar Restaurant.