Best Value Restaurants in Ormoc - Philippines

The progression of Ormoc into a first class city is evidenced by the spread of restaurants and fast food joints. Whatever your culinary fancy may be, there are some restaurants and eateries in the city that will satisfy your cravings.


Currently one of, if not the most popular restaurant in Ormoc, Bebidas exemplifies the very best of what an eatery should be. The food served here consists mostly of pastries and cakes, and pica pica, which is a local term for food or snacks that are meant to go along with beer and other beverages.

The beers (30 Php only) and coffee are in fact the most sought products here, especially among the young professionals, but the place is also fit for families. Another attraction here is that you get to eat outside so you can savor the fresh air.

Pardis Grill

Not far from Bebidas is Pardis Grill, another sought after diner. Although they serve a variety of food, the specialty of the house are dishes laden with barbecue; whether it is chicken, pork, chorizo, liver, as long as it can be made with barbecue, Pardis Grill serves it.

An added bonus of eating at Pardis Grill is that it is right next to a plaza where several stalls and makeshift stores are set up at night. Here you can buy drinks and other goodies at very affordable prices.

Chitos Chow Bar and Restaurant

Chitos Chow Bar and Restaurant is near the Veterans Park and also at the vicinity of the Ormoc Coliseum. It is the place to go to if you have a hankering for Filipino and Chinese food. Aside from serving a variety of local dishes and delectable Chinese meals, Chitos Chow Bar and Restaurant also has a wide selection of cool drinks and beverages for you to enjoy.

Chicken Ati Atihan

As the name suggests, the Chicken Ati Atihan specializes in chicken delicacies. One of their specialties is the chicken inato (translated as homely chicken, or home made chicken). Here the meat is marinated in sweet or spicy barbecue sauce and cooked to a beautiful golden brown. Even better is that the price of each dish is almost half that compared with similar meals in Metro Manila.


Although technically known as a fast food joint, Jollibee is pretty hard to beat when it comes to food selection and tasty goodness. Still best known for its hamburgers and French fries, Jollibee actually offers so much more.

Among the other meals served here are pancit palabok, spaghetti, chicken, and various breakfast meals consisting of rice, eggs, bacon and ham. Jollibee also serves a variety of desserts including sundaes, peach mangoes and more. It is located near Anecita Building at Aviles Street.

The top 5 best value restaurants in Ormoc offer different meals and recipes but what they all share in common is their affordability and great taste. When you are in Leyte and wondering where is a good place to have a meal, look no further than these eateries, where the food and ambience are always warm.