Best Value Restaurants in Legazpi - Philippines

Sikatuna Grille

Situated near the airport of Legazpi City, Sikatuna Grille provides a relaxing, inviting, and comfortable place for tourists and vacationers to dine. This is the best value restaurant in the city for customers should only allot 300 pesos to have a tasty meal at this place. Some of the in-house specialties are Grilled Tuna, Tuna Sashimi, and Tuna Burgers. This restaurant also serves refreshing drinks like cocktails, ice-cold beers, and other types of beverages such as iced tea and soft drinks. Even if some of the dishes in the place are not that affordable, customers are guaranteed that the meals at the restaurant are worth every centavos that they will spend.


Considered second in the top 5 best value restaurants in Legazpi Philippines, Graceland is a fast food place in the city that offers typical Filipino dishes. Starting from 50 pesos, people can have a tasty meal at this place. Some of the available dishes in the restaurant that customers can order are Tapsilog, Longsilog, and Porksilog. To accommodate people who are on diet, the restaurant serves traditional burgers and French fries. For deserts, Graceland offers tasty cakes to all its customers.

Biggs Diner

Another best value restaurant in Legazpi Philippines that people should visit in the city is Biggs Diner. For the price range of 200 pesos to 500 pesos, everyone can enjoy and feast at the delectable dishes available in this place. In addition, customers can have a unique dining experience for the diner has a 1950s to 1970s interior design. Aside from pizzas, which are some of the most ordered food at Biggs Diner, it also offers affordable and delicious breakfast meals.

Cres Restaurant

Fourth in the top 5 best value restaurants in Legazpi Philippines is Cres Restaurant. This is a best value restaurant because it ensures all its customers that every money that they will spend dining in the place is worth. Since it specializes in Filipino cuisine, one of the most favorite dishes available in this restaurant is the famous and delectable Bicol Express. Hence, by allotting less than 300 pesos, people can already enjoy a sumptuous meal at Cres Restaurant.

Tago-Tago Food Garden

Finally, Tago-Tago Food Garden is proud to take the fifth spot in the top 5 best value restaurants in Legazpi Philippines. The ambiance in the place is very cozy and relaxing. With the presence of nipa huts where customers eat their favorite dishes, this restaurant surely provides a refreshing atmosphere to everyone. Starting from 200 pesos, people can already order any of the in-house specialties such as grilled seafood dishes. Above all, located within the District of San Roque, Tago-Tago Food Garden is very accessible to various forms of land transportation available in the city.