5 Best Value Restaurants in General Santos - Philippines

Mandarin Tea Garden

For individuals who are new to General Santos and who are in search for a restaurant that offer delectable and at the same time affordable meals, one of the best value dining places that they should consider visiting is Mandarin Tea Garden. Starting from 70 pesos, customers can already enjoy a tasty and mouth-watering meal with their friends and loved-ones. Hence, some of the in-house specialties that people should order in this place are Gyoza, Beef Noodles, and Soup. Additionally, this restaurant has a relaxing and cozy ambiance, which makes it more luring to tourists and locale people.

Rancheros Grill

Second in the list of the top 5 best value restaurants in General Santos Philippines is Rancheros Grill. With its expertise in preparing and serving Filipino dishes, most locale individuals visit this place to taste some of its in-house specialties such as Grilled Tuna Jaw, Baby Back Ribs, and Calamares. What makes this place a best value restaurant is the huge servings of dishes. In addition, rice meals at the restaurant have prices that range from 100 pesos to 200 pesos, so people have nothing to worry about their budget when they dine at this place.

Tatay Pepes Restobar

For those who have tight budget, there is a dining place in General Santos that offers delicious meals that have reasonable prices. This restaurant is no other than Tatay Pepes Restobar. For as low as 75 pesos, customers can already have a great meal, which include tasty Filipino viands like Sinigang na Baboy. Aside from the affordable dishes, this restaurant promotes casual style of dining.

Dimsum Diner

One of the most inviting and relaxing restaurants in General Santos that people should visit, Dimsum Diner takes the fourth spot in the top 5 best value restaurants in General Santos Philippines. The dining place is known for its expertise in serving Chinese and Japanese dishes like sushi, beef noodles, and Chicken Teriyaki. Even those who have cheap food allowance can dine in this place for the price range of dishes at Dimsum Diner is only 100 pesos to 200 pesos.

La Veranda Café

When it comes to ambiance and atmosphere, La Veranda Café is proud to offer inviting and cozy ambiance to all of its customers. Meals at this restaurant have average prices of 80 pesos to 150 pesos. Additionally, the place has an outdoor dining area for people who want fresh air. Since it specializes in international cuisines, customers have a wide selection of dishes to order. For appetizers, this restaurant serves tasty soups and salads, Meanwhile, for light meals, this café offers pastas and sandwiches. To complete their meals, La Veranda Café serves tasty, refreshing, and mouth-watering beverages.