Top 5 Best Value Hotels in Surigao - Philippines

Tavern Hotel

Definitely one of the first and finest hotels in Surigao City, it seems that Tavern Hotel continues to expand its wonderful facilities, services, as well as accommodations. This first-class hospitality service provider is found conveniently along Borromeo Street, which by the same time is known for its affordable room rates. Standard City View rooms cost 1,200 pesos, Standard Sea View units cost 1,400 pesos, while Emerald City View rooms are available for 1,800 pesos. Finally, the most luxurious rooms inside this place area the Emerald Sea View rooms, which are not that expensive at the rate of 2,000 pesos for overnight accommodations. Standard rooms contain outstanding features like daily supply of bottled water, guest kits, and telephone lines. On the other hand, Emerald rooms come with fine amenities such as bathtubs, hot showers, and 29-inch TV sets.

Philippine Gateway Hotel

Showcasing some of the finest facilities in Surigao City, Philippine Gateway Hotel surely makes it to the list of Top 5 Best Value Hotels in Surigao Philippines. In terms of services, this hotel is always on top of the pack when it comes to quality, offering convenient services like airport shuttle, 24-hour security, and front desk assistance. The place also features a cozy restaurant dubbed as Manjagao, which is known for serving tasty and delectable food and drinks. Of course, guests of all ages are guaranteed to have some really fine time at the huge swimming pool of the hotel. Prices are also not that high inside this place, with Standard Rooms costing only 1,200 pesos, Deluxe Rooms 1,300 pesos, and Executive Rooms 1,500 pesos. Furthermore, Suites only cost 3,250 pesos each, complete with nice in-room amenities like bathtubs, telephones, and matrimonial beds.

The Garden Pavillion

Another best value hotel in Surigao City is the Garden Pavillion, which offers unique accommodations and services like no other in the entire area. Inside this place, guests are certified to have an absolutely great time, especially by visiting its mini-museum that offers an extensive background on the culture and history of the city. Room rates are not that high in this hotel, with Deluxe Rooms available for only 499 pesos. Guests can make the most out of their stays in this place when they come in groups of four to five individuals, because the rates can go down as low as 399 pesos each.

Leomondee Hotel

Also situated right along Borromeo Street in Surigao City, Leomondee Hotel is a tourist inn that aims to provide its guests with the most pleasurable experiences possible while under its care. Nice warm beds, clean bathrooms, and low prices await people who plan to stay inside this cozy hotel. Non-air-conditioned rooms only cost 200 pesos, while guests can stay inside family rooms for only 600 pesos. Suites are inexpensive as well, with rates starting at 900 pesos only.

Jannex Pension and Restaurant

Jannex Pension and Restaurant completes the list of best value hotels in Surigao City, thanks to its decent services and super low prices. With all its fine features, guests can easily avail Deluxe Air-Conditioned Rooms for only 300 pesos to 400 pesos. Meanwhile, Family Rooms and Suites both cost 550 pesos, which are still very much affordable. For more info, interested individuals can dial the numbers (086)-232-6792.