Top 5 Best Value Hotels in Laoag - Philippines

Palazzo de Laoag Hotel

In terms of quality services and hotel accommodations, Palazzo de Laoag Hotel is simply one of the Top 5 Best Value Hotels in Laoag Philippines. This three-star hotel is home to several beautiful features including separate swimming pools for adults and children, the nice meeting place called Trellis, as well as spacious function rooms. The Kawayan Hall and Capilla Hall are excellent locations for holding large events such as weddings, meetings, and parties. For dining purposes, this hotel has a lot of great-tasting dishes to offer with the availability of food service providers Kalesa Bar, Caf Teresa, and La Azotea. For the entertainment of guests, it also features Club 819 Disco Bar that holds special events and lots of partying on a regular basis. All these and more are up for grabs for the affordable rates of 1,125 pesos to 1,980 pesos.

Northview Hotel

One of the most convenient and highly accessible hospitality service providers in the City of Laoag, Northview Hotel offers cheaper room rates compared to other fine hotels in the area. For as much as 5,800 pesos, guests can already enjoy 3-days and 2-night stays at this prime hotel. Additionally, it also has many convenient services and features available including transport services, laundry, and room service. Other notable hotel facilities present inside include a coffee shop, a basketball court, and swimming pools for both adults and kids. Meanwhile, the NVH Garden and the NVH Function Room are great locations for huge social events like parties, weddings, and debuts.

Badoc Island Resort

Another place on the list of best value hotels in Laoag City is Badoc Island Resort, which is one of the most popular resort facilities in the region. The place boasts of innumerable fun-filled water sports and activities including snorkeling, fishing, and scuba diving. Its guestrooms are also superb, with available features like DVD players, private bathrooms, and super comfortable beds. Its family rooms as well as its twin-share rooms get special attention for their capacity to accommodate up to 12 individuals each. This hotel resort is ideal for people who prefer a more private and secure location.

Fort Ilocandia Resort Hotel

Surely one of the grandest and most luxurious hotels in Laoag City, Fort Ilocandia Resort Hotel offers high quality services, accommodations, and facilities in exchange for super affordable rates. With 289 elegant guestrooms to offer, this premier hotel offers three main types of rooms namely Deluxe Rooms, Suite Rooms, and Standard Rooms. Unlike most of the top-rating hotels in the country, it features a casino, where guests are guaranteed to enjoy, have fun, and experience first-hand some of the most popular games in the world today. Guests can avail special promos for as low as 5,500 pesos, inclusive of 3-day and 2-night stays.

Java Hotel

Carrying a native-inspired theme, Java Hotel completes the Top 5 Best Value Hotels in Laoag Philippines. Right inside this hotel, guests are guaranteed to get the best value in return for their moneys worth. Although it is smaller compared to grander hotels, it has everything that people can ask for including a swimming pool, a souvenir store, and several other recreational facilities. It also has a spacious function hall, which is perfect for holding special gatherings and other forms of social occasions. Prices are highly affordable at this hotel, ranging from as low as 2,200 pesos up to 6,500 pesos for some best value hotel accommodations.