Beaches in Samar - Philippines

Samar is primarily known for its lush forests and caves. However unknown to many, there are actually a lot of beaches in the area just waiting to be explored. Here are the top five.

San Julian

This idyllic spot is at the northern end of Borongan, some 18 km away. For a lot of reasons, this Samar beach has become one of the most popular, drawing in tourists the world over. Part of it is definitely due to the palm trees that are all over the place, providing a nice shade during those hot summer days. Another reason of course, are the clean and clear waters, and its lovely sunsets.

Divinuvo Island

This island is only 1.5 miles in diameter and is off Borongan in Barangay Lalawigan. For those who have gone to this place, it can be described as heaven on Earth. The white sands here are very beautiful, and they make for a fine place to go promenading. If you would rather go diving, the coral reefs, fish, nudibranches at this Samar beach will not disappoint.


This is only some 8 km from Guiuan and it is drawing in a lot of visitors mainly due to the fact that it offers a breathtaking view of the skies, which is especially majestic and grandiose in the afternoons. It is also well known for the stunning array of fish types to be found, among them the snappers, groupers, parrotfish, as well as jellyfish, starfish, soldier fish and many more.


This Samar beach is well loved because of its many striking features. Only some 25 km distance from Guingan, the waters at this beach are very pure, and away from the pollutants, bring that intoxicating and refreshing feeling that you long for when going on a vacation. It is also one of those places where you will want to bring your camera as the sunsets make for some stunning photography.


The coconut trees surrounding this beach give it the appearance of paradise on Earth, and add the refreshing breeze, and you have the perfect combination. If you want to go strolling with your loved ones, this Samar beach can be the perfect place. You get to feel the sand beneath your feet, hear the roar of the waves and feel the blowing wind.

Another thing that you will like when you go to this place is that you will get an exciting vista of the Laoang Bay. Another plus when visiting this beach is that it is very quiet and not as populated as other sites.

These places are once again proof of the many attractions that you can find in this province. If you love relaxing at beaches but are tired of the usual destinations, you might want to take a trip to this province and see these Samar beaches.