Top 5 Beaches in Legazpi - Philippines

Kalayukai Beach

Considered as the most alluring beach in Legazpi City, Kalayukai Beach provides relaxing places for travelers who want to have fun and enjoy. Locale people like to visit this beach for it has pure and serene waters. Aside from this, another attraction of the beach is its fine sand. Divers will surely have a memorable diving experience at the beach for they can see adorable corals and amazing reefs underneath the waters of Kalayukai Beach. Meanwhile, for those who want to admire the beauty of the entire beach, they can rent or hire a boat to cruise the peaceful waters in the place.

San Lorenzo Beach

San Lorenzo Beach is one of the tourist destinations in the city that travelers should always consider seeing. Besides the cleanliness of the beach shore, most tourists never fail to visit the place for it provides a nice and relaxing view of the island of San Miguel. People can always sleep in some hospitality service providers near the beach if they want to stay overnight at San Lorenzo Beach.

Tiwi Beach

Another famous sandy beach in Legazpi City that people can always take a look at is Tiwi Beach. One of the advantages of this place from other beaches nearby is its location since it is the most accessible beach from the city proper. Travelers can surely experience comfort at the beach for it provides a refreshing view of Lagonoy Gulf as well as some islands that are several minutes away from Camarines Sur. In addition, this is also a nice diving site for it plays home to numerous beautiful and rare coral reefs.

Santo Domingo Beach

For people who are curious and who like to visit beaches in Legazpi City that feature black sand, they can go to Santo Domingo Beach. Tourists can surely have a good time at the beach for there are resorts and hotels nearby that offer affordable and comfortable accommodations to everyone. Additionally, they can also see restaurants near the beach that serve delectable and delicious native dishes. Furthermore, Santo Domingo Beach provides a nice view of the famous and pristine Albay Gulf.

Boracay Beach

Above all, every tourist in Legazpi City is encouraged to visit and experience the relaxing view and waters of Boracay Beach. Like Santo Domingo Beach, Boracay Beach has black-colored sand, which adds to its attractiveness to travelers. Near the beach, there are hotels and resort that feature leisure amenities to guests. In addition, there are simple dining places along the shore of Boracay Beach that takes pride in the sumptuous and affordable meals that they serve to tourists. Above all, the beach is very accessible to the city proper, so tourists will not experience hassles locating it.