Top 5 Beaches in Laoag - Philippines

If you want to go swimming or diving, there are plenty to choose from when you are in Laoag. Ilocos Norte. If you are looking for the right destination this list of the top 5 beaches in Laoag should help you choose.

Pagudpud Beach

When it comes to beaches, few are more widely known by tourists and travelers than Pagudpud Beach, which is recognized as being among the most beautiful in the entire world.

Everything you can ask for in a world class beach is right here. Its white sands are among the most attractive in the world, ideal for restful promenading. There are also world class resorts, and you can also engage in other activities like scuba diving and deep sea snorkeling. The presence of several palm trees in the vicinity also makes it an ideal spot for spending time with your loved ones.

Calayab Beach

If you are looking for a beach that will evoke the feeling of being in an exotic island, Calayab Beach should be in your itinerary.

The lush coconut trees around the beach, along with the light breeze from the sea, is making it a very attractive place for swimming, strolling or just having a picnic by the shoreline. Of course if you want to go for a dip, the untainted waters of the beach will rejuvenate your body and senses.

Nipa Beach

The Nipa Beach offers you a fantastic view of the deep blue sea and the soft sand dunes on the coastline gives it the ambient and comforting atmosphere you long for in a beach.

Most of the resorts are designed like nipa huts, which is where the area got its name. This adds the final touch to the stunning scenery, giving the impression that one is staying in a secluded island paradise away from the hassles of city life.

Panzzian Beach

Stretching for 9 km, Panzzian Beach will welcome your presence with its sandy beaches, which ranks among the most exquisite in Laoag.

Aside from the fine sands, the waters in the beach are among the cleanest in Ilocos Norte. Moreover, there are an ever growing number of beach resorts in the area offering top of the line amenities and accommodations.

Terra Rika

Terra Rika is located near Pagudpud and it is now recognized as one of the most up and coming tourist attractions in the Philippines.

Besides the pristine sands and the clear waters, the sunsets are the other main attraction in Terra Rikka. Watching the sun go down amidst an assortment of colors is a soothing experience, and the perfect way to end the day.

The lush environment around these beaches makes them truly worth visiting. If you are looking for first class resorts, lovely vistas and ideal swimming locations, the beaches in Laoag will certainly please you.