Top 5 Beaches in Dumaguete - Philippines

The city of Dumaguete is famous for its fiestas and celebrations and little does a tourist know that Dumaguete also has great beaches that you can visit and soak up the sun in. A list of the top 5 beaches in Dumaguete Philippines may help you figure out which beach you would want to go to first.

Apo Island

Apo Island is part of Dauin and can be reached by boat from Dumaguete or from Dauin which will take around an hour. This island has made it to the top 5 beaches in Dumaguete Philippines because it has the only white coral beach in Dumaguete and surrounding areas. You can relax and sip some drink and eat some fruits at the beach or take a dip into the water to go snorkeling. Apo Island has a rich marine life and you can even see some species from the beach alone.

Cangmating Beach

The Cangmating beach is on the top 5 beaches in Dumaguete Philippines because it does not only have a wonderful view of the nearby island of Cebu, but also because you have a beach that has perfect conditions for wake boarding. This beach has a perfect low tide wherein water is left at the beach for wake boarding. During the afternoons, you will find many young people at this beach trying out their new wake board tricks. Another great feature about this beach is that its high tide is also very low and you can practically sunbath in the shallow water which is not only refreshing, but also fun.

Bayawan Beaches

These beaches are worth the far travel of two hours from downtown Dumaguete to Bayawan, because you will find a great beach that is mixed with white sand and corals. The Bayawan beaches made it into the top 5 beaches in Dumaguete Philippines, because it is a great place to spend a day with your family and enjoy the view over the northern parts of Mindanao. Bayawan also has great food which you can buy to bring to one of the beaches.

Dauin Beach

Dauin is a place that is around 15 minutes away from the downtown Dumaguete area and this place has the closest you can get to white sand in the Dumaguete are which is why it is in the list of the top 5 beaches in Dumaguete Philippines. The Dauin Beaches are all part of protected marine sanctuaries which means that you have to pay a small fee in order to swim or in order to snorkel around, but the marine life at the Dauin beaches is stunning and full of coral reefs where you can see cabbage corals and giant clams.


Bacong Beach

Bacong is a place in Dumaguete that is about ten minutes away from the downtown area and its beaches are not necessarily pristine white sand, but the beaches are filled with many pavilions where you can hang out and relax. The people and the hang outs are the reason for a place in the top 5 beaches in Dumaguete Philippines. There is a cozy little place called Baconham where you can enjoy your stay at the beach and bring your own foods and drinks without any fee.