Beaches in Bohol - Philippines

Although it is best known for Chocolate Hills and the dolphins, Bohol beaches are actually at par with some of the finest in the Philippines. The next time you visit the province, try swimming in any of these fine sites.

Alona Beach

This is probably the most well known of the swimming destinations on the island province. The white sands certainly make for some genuinely relaxing strolls, while the soft and gentle breeze emanating from the ocean can sooth and relax the mind. If you go into the waters the feeling of being refreshed will come upon you almost instantaneously, and with the number of resorts growing in this Bohol beach, things will only get better.

Laya Beach

If you are in Tagbilaran, you only need to travel some 8 km to reach this beautiful beach. Actually it is off the coast of Baclayon, so after viewing the attractions you can head to this beach. The tranquility and serenity of the waters here is truly something to behold, and the sunsets are truly a majestic sight. There are also a lot of beautiful rest houses here, which add to the cozy feeling and atmosphere.

Bikini Beach

One of the most popular destinations among local residents, this Bohol beach is very near to the capital city (less than 8 km away), so those who want to hit the waters without having to travel a long distance can go here. If you and your friends are looking for a fun place to stay and frolic in the sands, then add Bikini Beach to your itinerary.

Kaingit Beach

Kaingit Beach is one of the most popular destinations, especially for those who are new to swimming. The reason is that waves and currents in this Bohol beach are among the most serene and smooth. Splendid vistas of the skies are everyday events that people can see. Delving into the waters you can sense just how pure and clean it is. There are also groves around so you can have some picnics as well.

Clarin Beach

Some 30 km southeast of the capital, this beach has turned into one of the major draws in Loay, thanks to the clean and clear waters, and the refined sands. There are also a lot of different resorts nearby so getting what you need and when you need it will be easy and very convenient. When you go in deep, you are apt to find some colorful fish frolicking around, so if you love underwater scenery, this place might interest you.

The ever growing popularity of these Bohol beaches once again demonstrates why this province is recognized (justifiably so) as one of the most beautiful in the Philippines. With so much sun, water, sand and lovely skies to offer, the widespread appeal and draw of these sites will only grow with time.